How prepared are you for an Emergency?

In an emergency situation, the readiness, and the alertness of those around you can make the difference between life and death, between a speedy or a slow recovery. Time is of the essence. We at Tribeca Care are very aware of this and hence we have honed our emergency services to a level of perfection.  In this blog, we have listed a few other things that may keep you better prepared for a medical emergency situation.

Planning ahead—the best way to be prepared and well equipped during a medical emergency

Our unpreparedness during an emergency is usually due to ignoring the possibility of ever being in such a situation ourselves. We have a tendency to consider others at risk, but we do not anticipate ever being in such situations. However, emergencies are quite common among people of all age groups. Here are some tips that might help you to be better prepared in case of such a contingency.

  1. Prepare an ‘emergency bag’ that will contain all the necessary legal documents, instructions, medical insurance paperwork, and important medicines that might come in handy in such a situation. The emergency bag should be easily accessible to you and your immediate family members.
  2. Compile multiple lists that might come in handy while getting treatment. Note down your and your immediate family member’s medical history, and physical disability if any. Keep a list of all the medical supplements that you are using and their dosage. This will help the doctor to avoid administering a medication that might react adversely to the presence of other drugs in your body. These lists should be accessible to next of kin or people who are always near you.


Note down the contact details of people you can reach in case of emergency.

It is advisable to have more than one emergency contact. Note down the contact details and address of your physician and your health support team.

  1. Carry copies of your identity proof, your health insurance, and other necessary documents. As you may need it while getting admission to a hospital.
  2. Hiring a healthcare support team will prove beneficial in times of emergency. The 24*7 emergency support provided by the team is much-required security against an emergency situation.


Health support service is almost imperative for elderly people, especially if they live alone. Emergency support for seniors might require enhanced emergency support, where technologies such as an SOS-enabled phone drastically reduce the minimal response time from the emergency response team. We are aware that health complications caused due to advanced age require immediate medical attention. Having an efficient emergency support team at one’s disposal takes care of the nitty-gritty of such a situation, from quick transportation of the patient to the formalities of admission to a hospital.

Therefore, it is very important that you invest in a health support service that is efficient and reliable.

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