How safe are your Parents while you stay away?

How safe are our parents actually while we stay away?

It might not be the vivid memory we have when we were toddlers, still unsure of how to take one step after another; we always had help. Our parents were always there for us so that we did not hurt ourselves quite so bad. It is our turn, as they grow old, to take care of them. The fast-tracked life we lead might not allow us to do that to the fullest. That is why it is good to have an idea of the areas of their safety that might be compromised while we are away.

After having made all the necessary arrangements for our parents to have a life as comfortable as possible, we tend to rest assured. However, research suggests that we might have to worry a little more. While 89% of children living abroad think that their parents are living free of hassles, only about 11% of the parents share the same opinion. More heartbreaking is the fact that about 90% of the elderly do not think that their physical care is of any importance.

What causes this stark difference in the perception of the children and their parents?

The answer is simple: We focus on their physical well-being, as they only need to keep them around. But, seniors crave a social life that can ensure that they do not miss out on living their life to the fullest. Reaching their age, after retirement, a lot of the activity that went behind their career rests unused. This can cause there to be severe dissociation from their selves; leading them to believe their lives are not worth anything anymore. Research into the physical repercussions of mental instability also shows mental well-being is crucial for the elderly.

In this time of globalization, more and more people are finding themselves in various parts of the world. This is increasing distances and taking care away from the ones who need them the most. The vulnerability of the elderly increases tenfold from their unwillingness to ‘burden’ their children, thinking they will disturb the latter. In carrying the entire weight on their own, symptoms of depression, anxiety, hypertension, etc. have been observed to be increasing in the elderly.

How can Tribeca help you?

Tribeca Care’s services are designed to keep this crucial, sensitive, and delicate aspect of elder care in mind. The people who are in direct contact with the seniors have been dubbed “care managers” keeping the above in mind. TriBeCa weaves social involvement and enjoyment into our services. So that, it gets easy for senior citizens to manage the worst thing about living by themselves – missing their children.

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