How to be mentally well during this Durga Puja?

Durga puja is around the corner and this means a lot for us Indians, especially Bengalis. Every year during this time, festivities start taking shape and a different fragrance covers the streets of Kolkata. However, this present fiscal will see no such fervor.

Many people have a yearly ritual to visit Kolkata during the pujas. But this year traveling is also at a halt due to the ongoing pandemic. All these factors have made it quite natural for parents to feel lonely, which has an adverse effect on mental health.

Thus, in this blog, we will discuss how to be mentally well during this Puja and combat loneliness easily.

How can seniors be mentally well during this year’s Puja?

Mental health is one of the most discussed topics today. The negative effect of the pandemic has already started to wreak havoc and create psychological problems in society. From lack of social connectivity, and self-isolation, to negligence in health, these are the side effects of the scenario.

Even the festivities this year are full of lackluster vibes. In this type of depressing condition, staying “Psychologically Happy” has gained paramount importance. It applies to the senior citizens in particular as they are the ones most affected by the epidemic scenario.

One of the foremost ways of building and achieving mental fitness is by eliminating stress from your life.

This upcoming World Mental Health Day, there are a few key points mentioned below for helping you keep your mental health in check.

Establishing goals:

The first step to mental well-being is by making sturdy goals that you can achieve easily. Most of the people above 60 years are already retired and have nothing significant to do. This lack of activity can sometimes act as a roadblock to loneliness.

Start by keeping short-term goals like painting or reading a book. This type of everyday work will keep your mind busy and thus improve your health physically and mentally.

Dispose of your negative thoughts:

Negative thoughts are the prime enemies of your good health. It is because they start making you feel depressed. As the ongoing pandemic has made us contained within four walls, it is natural for people to develop negative assumptions.

To combat this thought process, start harboring optimistic monologues and realistic expectations. An optimistic mindset will give you the power to fight off negativity in your life. Also, when you center your life around positivity, it becomes easy to stay happy and healthy.

Keep emotions and logic in check:

It is mostly seen that loneliness makes a place in your life when our emotions and logic are out of sync. Therefore, always try to balance them both to lead a life full of positivity. If ever you are confused about anything detail the pros and cons. It will help you make a firm decision and also boost the logical part of your brain

Do things that you love:

All of us have a hobby that we have put on the backburner. Use this current epidemic scenario for propelling that. This step will not only help you feel good but will also give you the strength to keep going on.

Why mental health is a primary concern today?

The current pandemic-induced lockdown has impacted us all. From triggering mental health to bereavement these unprecedented times have given rise to numerous conditions. It has made medical institutions realize the impact of mental health on senior citizens and the public as a whole.

The neurological and mental complications, people are subjected to have, made mental health as important as physical wellbeing. Therefore, helping people talk about the issue has become really important. People who are not sound mentally tend to invite a lot of other issues into their life.

As seniors are more prone to this radar, medical institutions and care organizations today are taking wise steps to combat the issues.

How is Tribeca Care helping seniors in this aspect?

Tribeca Care is a leading senior platform that has taken steps for ensuring seniors stay fit and fine mentally. The organization understands the importance of mental wellness and thus has qualified psychologists to help seniors.

From psychotherapeutic interventions like Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Relaxation and Reminiscence, and Parental Counselling, the platform helps you in every way. Tribeca Care knows the value of your well-being for your family and loved ones. Hence, it has taken all the possible steps to make sure you enjoy optimal health.


Durga Puja holds a lot of sentimental value for us Indians. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, all festivities have taken a backseat. Thus, to help seniors enjoy overall well-being, our initiatives and support will help you sail through tough times, easily.

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