How to deal with Anxiety in old age?

Were you aware of the fact that anxiety does not require any categorical trigger for that matter? It may so be, that in someone anxiety surfaces out of nowhere, simply circumstantially. Most of us are aware of how old age also inevitably refers to the baggage of intensified obstacles, and stressors that can affect mental health adversely. It would not be an exaggeration if we say that the transitional phases of life are perfectly capable of making older adults particularly anxious about their decreasing abilities. At this point, we believe that professional intervention can help in both diagnosing, and comforting the individual suffering.

What are the usual triggers that we should keep in mind?

Let’s take a look at the most regular anxiety triggers that contribute to the disruption of mental peace in older adults:

  • Retirement brings economic instability. Financial inconsistencies often largely contribute to old age anxiety.
  • Health insecurities can also cause the mental health of elderly individuals to deteriorate.
  • Retirement, and health issues, when combined, can evoke a sense of loss of independence, which can be further triggering.
  • Furthermore, there is a stark role reversal that takes place, making the elderly individuals wonder about what is coming next, and how unknown it may be to them.
  • As a person age, they strive to come to terms with the unforeseen demise of their near, and dear ones. This constant reinforcement of grief and loss pushes an individual to fear an impending doom, that is extremely detrimental to their mental health.
  • Furthermore, older adults look forward to meeting their acquaintances in order to derive happiness. However, their mobility can get affected due to health concerns, causing further anxiety.

We believe that it is essential to have a fair amount of ideas about the triggers, so as to be able to remain conscious of them in the future.

What are the symptoms of anxiety?

Before we discuss the symptoms of anxiety, let us take a moment to acknowledge anxiety as a health issue first. Now, we will undoubtedly agree upon the fact that any health condition comes with a number of symptoms that are indicative of the same. Even in the case of mental health, it is prudent to watch out for certain symptoms and act accordingly. For anxiety, we may be vigilant about the following symptoms:

  • One of the primary symptoms of anxiety is an unparalleled restlessness, that comes in the way of daily chores.
  • If your elderly acquaintance is getting more irritable with each passing day, it may also be a sign that they are suffering from anxiety.
  • Furthermore, individuals can also suffer from severe attention deficiency problems and a plethora of intrusive thoughts that pose a perpetual threat of doom to come.
  • Anxiety can also give rise to a string of unconnected, unwanted thoughts in a sufferer’s mind.
  • An anxious patient can also experience whole body chills, followed by extreme fatigue on a regular basis.
  • As per reports, a number of anxiety patients also have a tendency of skipping meals.
  • Constant fear and palpitations are also common amount anxiety patients.

If you notice any such symptoms among your elderly loved ones, do not wait further. Take help from mental healthcare professionals as soon as possible.

What can be the probable treatments/strategies?
  • In case you’re noticing traits of anxiety in the older adults of your family reach out for immediate medical attention. The sooner you take an action the better it may turn out to be for the patient.
  • Consult with a team of skilled psychiatrists and a psychologist. They can both provide medication and therapy sessions, which can help the patients to overcome their current state of despair.
  • Like physical health issues, mental health issues require immediate medical attention as well. Individuals often end up overlooking factors, which can cause irreparable damage in older adults.

Hope you will be specifically careful, and hold the hands of the older adults tightly, ensuring they have a wonderful life to look forward to. We, at TriBeCa Care, care about you and your family. Our Elder Care has categorically been designed keeping in mind a structure that will provide the older adults with the care, and support that they require.

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