How Tribeca celebrated Thanksgiving Day with old age homes?

Every year, on the fourth Thursday of November, Thanksgiving day is celebrated in the United States. In Canada, Thanksgiving Day is observed on the second Monday of October every year. The day of Thanksgiving is celebrated for the Pilgrim’s meal with the Native Americans. The tradition includes feasting on turkey, stuffing, and lots of desserts. Families come together for a grand feast and prayers to make it a memorable night. It is a day to be thankful for everything one has.

TriBeCa celebrates every occasion like everyone out there. This year, we celebrated Thanksgiving day too with our Old Age Home members! At TriBeCa, we made sure to make thanksgiving day a special one for our Old Age Home members. For the parents and their children who live miles away from each other, we took a step to bridge the gap. To make the people feel at home, we started by decorating their rooms, which made them feel special for the day. Heartfelt wishes were exchanged throughout. Taking the celebration further, we coordinated with their family members living in different countries and asked them to make time for video calls. A glimpse of each other certainly made a lot of difference. We gave them gifts sent by their beloved ones and the happiness was for sure visible on their faces. After heartwarming conversations and a few emotional moments, we moved on to the best part of the day – the food! Calls, gifts, and decorations, everything would be incomplete without a meal together to celebrate the day. Taking care of every small detail, we aimed to make Thanksgiving a day they would always cherish.

This Thanksgiving, we were thankful for the opportunities we have to put a smile on thousands of faces. At TriBeCa Care, we aim to look after the senior citizens at every chance we get as they deserve a little extra care and affection.

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