How Tribeca resolves NRI property-related worries?

Property Management services are not the only thing we offer at Tribeca Care. In fact, the major portion of what we do is help our NRI customers take care of their parents. This, as you can imagine, is rather intimate and delicate work. This has given us invaluable insight into the concerns our customers have, both practical and emotional.

We work in collaboration with a leading building architectural firm. This means that an accelerated fashion will address your doubts. Given our background, we understand that no concern is too small. Tribeca has designed its Property Management Services to be with you every step of the way. If you are looking at making your property available for rent, accordingly we can provide you with the concept plan. Meanwhile, we can move on to getting the necessary documentation ready. This step helps to get an idea of the estimated expenditure for the construction and/or repair work. for the permissions needed for the work to proceed smoothly. Similarly, we help oversee the work that then goes into the house – from the interior design to the renovation.

Now that you have decided ready to rent your property, how do you go about finding tenants? Tribeca can help with that too. From our experience of working closely with our customers, it is evident to us that, when it comes to renting, only the best will do. To ensure this, we help you find the ideal tenant, get the paperwork in place that puts forth terms of occupancy comfortable for you, and see to it that the house is also well protected.

If you choose to go the other way with your property and wish to sell it, our property managers can see to it that the entire complex process goes by smoothly for you. Handing over a cherished home to new hands is never easy, neither emotionally nor physically. We leave no stones unturned in finding the perfect individual or family to make your house their new home.

We put in exactly as much effort if you want to find a new home to purchase. Maybe you want to find a more suitable home for your parents or you want to come back and settle here afresh. A suitable home can go a long in taking care of your mental peace and physical health. We get in touch with the best real estate developers and go that extra length so that the deal is made completely transparently. Our first priority is your satisfaction.

Tribeca Care is here for all your property management concerns.