Joining Tribeca Care: A Journey of Love and Respect for the Elderly

Joining Tribeca Care: A Journey of Love and Respect for the Elderly

We cherish our parents deeply and hold great concern for their well-being. However, due to our career commitments, we may find it challenging to be physically present to support them in their daily needs. It was during this time that I discovered the concept of an Elder Care platform. I realized that by providing care for my own parents, I could extend that same love and attention to other elderly individuals by joining Tribeca Care. To me, becoming a part of this platform is an expression of emotion, love, and profound respect for the elderly. Caring for seniors is not merely a responsibility; it’s a moral obligation that we hold dear.

In their old age, we have the responsibility to pay back the elderly for establishing us in this world with their immense effort, as they are the backbone of a family and have well experienced the hardships of life. Life teaches us lessons, and they teach us how to grow, how to survive in this world, and how to shape our careers as well.

As a person, I thoroughly enjoy engaging in conversations with people, and the beauty of this platform is that it allows me to communicate with individuals of all ages. On one side, I have the privilege of speaking with elderly individuals whom we affectionately address as Jethu, Jethima, Mashima, and Meshamasai. In these interactions, we treat them with utmost empathy and care, just as we would with our own parents. On the other side, when communicating with the Next Of Kin, a higher level of professionalism is maintained, as they are availing our services through payment.

As time goes by, something extraordinary happens – we develop a profound bond with the elderly members we care for, and they become like our own siblings/parents. The care and empathy we wholeheartedly offer are reciprocated in the form of blessings from these cherished individuals. We not only partake in their joyful moments but also share their emotions during times of sadness, whether it’s missing their children or coping with the loss of a beloved one.

As we spend more time with them, we form a deep emotional connection, and they come to hold a special place in our hearts as if they were our own parents. We keenly understand their sense of loneliness and strive to alleviate it by introducing them to new friends within our community. They find solace in this newfound companionship, as they get together, chat, and experience a renewed sense of purpose and joy in life. It’s a beautiful transformation, where we become more than just caregivers; we become a family that supports and cherishes one another.

As the Head of Care Coordinators, I lead a compassionate team dedicated to the well-being of our elderly members. Each Care Coordinator takes care of the seniors, fulfilling their needs and requests with equal love and attention. Our regular phone conversations with them create a strong bond, and when we receive the news of a beloved member like Jethu or Jethima passing away, it deeply affects us all. Even our Care Managers become emotional, and tears well up in the eyes of my Care Coordinators who miss these individuals dearly.

Sudipta was feeling low when Srirupa, whom she fondly referred to as Jethima, passed away. Within a span of a few weeks, Shinjini had to cope with the loss of four members, making her heart ache with grief, even though she remained dedicated to her duties. Sushmita, on the other hand, joyfully celebrated an anniversary with an elderly couple under her care. And when Ruma took leave due to COVID, the members genuinely inquired about her well-being, showcasing the strong bonds we have formed.

These heartfelt connections and experiences are the true blessings that enrich our lives, making our care for the elderly members more than just a job but a profound and fulfilling journey.

My Experience after Joining Tribeca Care and working here is “bhalo laga ar bhalobashar jaiga” jekhane nijer Baba Ma k protichobi kore kaaj kore jai !!!!!

This article has been contributed by – Ananya Dutta

HOD of Care Coordinator at Tribeca Care Pvt. Ltd.