Discover the Joy of Working with Elderly Parents in Kolkata

Discover the Joy of Working with Elderly Parents in Kolkata

Today I’m going to share my work experience with the most lovable Elderly parents and how I’m experiencing these moments through this organization .

As per my thinking we are doing a difficult work. Taking the responsibilities of the Elderly person is not that easy, it becomes like what we do for our parents. Currently I’m working with the organization which serves so many elderly people who are staying alone in Kolkata .

Elderly people often find themselves alone in their homes as they no longer have children with them to care for physically. It can be difficult for children who are staying abroad and far from their elderly parents. They may feel guilty for not being able to take care of their parents or be there for them when they need them. From this, our organization helps them out to not to worry about this anymore.

The benefits which we can give them to arrange regular visits to make them happy, to do the day-to-day work on behalf of them.  We arranged Senior-friendly trips such as short trips or day trips that can be a great way to escape the daily routine and enjoy an adventure. To celebrate in every event like B’days and Anniversary. That really makes a difference in their lives. They appreciate the time and what we do for them and learn so many things from their experience.

Some of the stories and jokes that are heard from the elderly can keep you laughing for hours and the greatest thing is that they are there to have a good time with you too. Time with them is not only valuable but it can be highly enjoyable too.

We applaud all of our care staff for their time and dedication to making the days of our clients the best they can be and would encourage more people to join us in caring for the elderly. It is such a rewarding field to work in and, as the elderly population rises at an ever-faster rate, it is a vital one for our local communities and society.

I had a great experience spending a day with some of these lovely people at “Bawali Rajbari”. They are so humbled and treated me like their own grandchildren. One of the couples who love to take pictures repeatedly asked me to click every moment they spend in every corner of their.

We had approx. 15 people on that day and they were sung songs and shared many of their experiences with us. We danced together and sang together, a moment I could not forget ever of my life. The love which they gave to me that day was precious to me. I’m eagerly waiting to participate in this kind of event in the future.

I’m in this organization for the past 5 and half years, and I love to enjoy this friendly atmosphere. My seniors and my co-workers are so good to me. I must say the privilege of this organization, which we could not find in other organizations. The funny part is these advantages distract me from joining somewhere else.

They scolded me as well as taught me so many things that helps me to upgrade myself. When I know that my efforts are following the correct path, it encourages me to push more. Hence, for me, success is important both at a personal as well as at an organizational level. Motivation is seeing the organization grow which ultimately leads to personal achievement and success.

This article has been contributed by – Sushmita Roy

Elder Care Coordinator at Tribeca Care Pvt. Ltd.