My Experience

I still remember the date, it was 24th December 2016, approximately 10 at night, New Year was round the corner and there was a chill in the air. I was coming back in an auto after attending a party. My cell phone rang, on the other side; it was one of the resident Directors. She said after taking my name that there is an emergency in one of my customers, Bidhan Chandra Roy, one of our privileged customers. He was suffering from breathlessness and whether I would be able to attend to him. There was a harsh silence for some time from my side. Lots of thoughts crisscrossed my mind, trying to anticipate in what condition I will find the customer. And how bad will be the state? Just that time my cell phone rang once again, this time it was Mr. Kalyan Roy, Bidhan Roy’s son. He said, “Am I speaking to someone from Tribeca?” I said, “Yes”. He sounded very worried and asked me whether I am coming. I assured him while I was on my way.

Within no time I reached New Alipore, the residence of the patient. The situation was very critical.

Kalyan Da and I jointly decided to shift him to EEDF without wasting time. We took him to EEDF in an ambulance and successfully admitted him. Kalyan Da heaved a sigh of relief and returned home by 2.30 am. Kalyan da thanked TriBeCa profusely and said my role in the entire episode was that of a lifesaver.

Senior Roy’s situation improved with each passing day and he was discharged after seven days. I helped his son during the process of discharge.