My Father cannot stay alone when I am in Abroad

I have been living abroad for quite some time now. The only reason I chose to work in the US and not in India is due to the pay structure in India. I pursued further studies in India and then shifted abroad for a better standard of living than in my hometown. Due to this, my aging parents often suffer from loneliness and ask me to return home. They seem to get no respite care for their loneliness sometimes. They need constant attention to take care of their daily needs.

My father, aged 61 currently, suffers from serious bouts of dementia at times. He tends to forget things like taking medicines on time on a regular basis.

All parents crave in their old age is a bit of support and love and affection. If their near and dear ones stay close, they feel rewarded for their efforts.

It is true that when parents become old, they start becoming a liability to their children. Even so, we must not forget that what we are today is all due to them. Yes, it is not a criminal offense to neglect the elderly, but I feel it should be.

Maybe visiting parents back home in India at least twice a year would make them feel loved.

My father has difficulty even getting off bed on most days. The reason not being that he cannot walk, but because he has lost the zest for life.

At the age of 61, he has to take care of his own needs. Even today, he does most of the household chores by himself. Occasionally, he will skip a meal or two and forget about it.

I have taken too many leaves to visit him back home. Nevertheless, no amount of time I have spent with him has ever been enough. His old age requires him to always be in respite care. He often wonders about the things he is not being able to do now due to his deteriorating condition. If proper respite care is provided, parents feel more comfortable and are able to pass away time easily. Hence, it is necessary to take due care in this regard. Schedules and routines only work as long as there is someone available at all times to help them follow it.

Parents usually do not insist on their children working abroad. Children do it of their own accord. No matter what the reason is, if you have parents back home, visiting as often as possible is only a temporary resolution. Next is love and affection, which inadvertently includes proper respite care. If these needs are met, the elders can live a better and well-sustained life.

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