My New Friend, My Care Manager

Caregivers for elderly play a very important role in treating our elderly adults in the right way under high supervision and responsibility.

How we deal with our elderly loved ones is the most critical factor since thinking about their withered health is an exceptionally fragile issue.

But choosing the right kind of caregivers for our elderly adults can contribute to making a new friend in their day to day life with much joy. In fact, caregivers are the best alternatives for being a reliable and dependable friend for our old-aged folks in the long-run.

‘My New Friend, My Care Manager’ is the rightly dedicated proverb for every caregiver who has taken these key responsibilities with compassion, dignity, and patience in handling our elderly folks in a most secure way for the long-run.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Friendly Caregiver

Caregivers are involved in various roles and responsibilities to assist older adults in the day to day life. They are engaged in every big and small task with utmost responsibility and care.

Now, let’s look at the key responsibilities a caregiver is involved in the day to day activity for our elderly adults:

  1. They should help in buying household items and other groceries from the market
  2. Making three times healthy meal and snacks or doing laundry for them
  3. Helping the elderly adults in bathing, dressing, or in times of medication
  4. Assist the elderly adults in giving an injection, nebulization, physical therapy, etc
  5. Making appointments to the doctor’s clinic on a monthly basis
  6. Buying prescribed medicines on time from the drugstore
  7. Consulting the dietician or health nutritionists in managing their food plan
  8. A Caring caregiver should always be alert and ready for any emergency backup or response
  9. They must give emotional support to elderly adults
  10. They must involve in recreational games with the elderly folks
  11. Read them bedtime story in the night or narrating newspaper in the morning
  12. Looking after the right transportation in times of visiting doctor’s clinic
  13. Weekly monitoring their blood pressure and blood sugar checks
  14. Skincare along with toe and nail care especially in summers and winters

Hence, the role and responsibility of every caregiver are a tough and a challenging one where one needs to show utmost patience, care, and love to become their faithful friend in order to support their old age. Caregivers for elderly require proper coordination or synchronization to understand their daily needs in managing things conveniently. Choose a right caregiver for your ageing parents.

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