Salute to Elderly Voters in Lucknow: The Josh is High!

How’s the Josh? High Sir!

Wondering what is it that we’re talking about? Well, of course, it has got to be the Lok Sabha Elections 2019, which have been happening full-fledged all across the nation. As the city of Nawabs, Lucknow sets to vote today, the josh is high not only in the youths but the elderly voters.

The election fever has engulfed the nation and all the political parties are giving their best shot and putting in all their efforts to win this one. Amidst all this, one shouldn’t forget the enthusiasm of voters during this time. It’s a common feeling among the youth as they are the future of this country. They get to decide their future leader through this election.

But, what if it’s not the youth that we are referring to over here? It’s the elderly voters in Lucknow that we’re talking about.

Would you find it surprising?

In a surprising turn of events, the total number of voters in Lucknow district (comprising Mohanlalganj and Lucknow) is approximately 36.3 lakhs. This data has been obtained in a survey by the Times of India directly from the District Election Office.

However, the age-wise breakup of these numbers showcases that around 50,587 voters (1.4%) are going to be elderly voters. Whereas 48,927 (1.3%) are first-time voters, who will be in the age bracket of 18 to 19 years.

If this isn’t an inspiration to you, then we don’t know what will be. Moreover, the first-time voters are clearly expected to be outnumbered by the elderly voters in both constituencies.

The overall number of voters in the Lucknow Lok Sabha constituency is 19.8 lakhs of which 26,129 (1.3%) voters are more than 80 years of age. These numbers can play a huge role with respect to who comes into power and can prove to be crucial for electoral candidates.

Politicians do a lot of fraternizing with the youth before the elections. They need to clearly strike a chord with the elderly voters in Lucknow. Involving and addressing them in their campaigns can prove to be beneficial. This can turn the tide towards them and in their favor.

But, mind you, it isn’t as easy as it sounds to convince that lot of individuals. As the youth is taken in by the mesmerizing world of social media, it’s easier to reach out to them. It is easier to understand their likings and preferences and make headway by tapping into their interests.

However, catering to elderly voters isn’t easy. They don’t have access to social media and can assess a candidate through their years of experience. It’s vital to shed light on issues pertaining to security, health, and pensions if politicians plan on grabbing the attention of these voters.

As the whole city of Lucknow has started to vote today on 6th May 2019, the elderly voters in Lucknow are nothing short of an inspiration to every individual out there.

So, if you’re one of those individuals who only view the elections as another holiday, then wake up right away, take inspiration from these elderly voters, and ensure that you vote.

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