Embracing the Rewarding Experience of Working with Senior Citizens

Embracing the Rewarding Experience of Working with Senior Citizens

Working with senior citizens can be an immensely rewarding experience. Not only I will have the gratitude and thanks of the people I care for, but also I will find myself being thanked by a resident’s family.

With proper, attentive and respectful care, I can ensure that they retain their dignity and independence during the latter stages of life. It’s a great accomplishment and feels highly rewarding; knowing that I have turned what could have been a really difficult day into a great one, full of laughter and fun activities.

My visit or time could be the highlight of someone’s day. Many elderly people look forward to their interactions with their care staff and my empathetic and friendly presence could mean the difference between a tough day and a good day. They are also often quite willing to show their gratitude.

Some people outside the care sector can think quite negatively about caring but I think working with the elderly can be really fun. There are regular activities to get involved in, some great events to enjoy, as well as some fantastic and funny people to work with. Time with them is not only valuable but it can be highly enjoyable too.

Most senior citizens have lived full and fascinating lives. Not only do I learn from their experiences while I am with them, I can learn from their knowledge and stories as well. This is what people often say is the best thing about caring. Their memories can give me a wonderful insight into a different time and can help me to understand more about history as well as the human experience over time. They have a wealth of knowledge to share and lots of time to share it with me.

This article has been contributed by Poulomi Mitra

– Care Coordinator