List of Phone Numbers To Keep Handy For Emergency

Life is unpredictable and throws curve balls at us when we least expect it. This is why it is important to keep emergency numbers handy.

Dealing with an emergency is not on top of our wish list, but it is important, and sometimes crucial, to handle it in an orderly fashion. Knowing who to contact in a critical situation will always help you tackle the crisis in a better way.

 Tribeca Care and Emergency Service

TriBeCa Care is an eldercare platform with over 6000 successful cases of emergency medical support. The organization effectively delivers the best services to elderly people who live alone.

What makes the platform different is its unique way of dealing with emergencies in an organized manner. For all members who are living alone, TriBeCa Care has even provided SOS-enabled phones for contacting emergency numbers with one click.

TriBeCa Care also informs the nearest relatives instantly, so that they can rush to the spot at the earliest. And meanwhile, Tribeca Care takes care of its members as their own.

Let us now see which are the major hospitals across the city with emergency blood banks and pharmacy services.

What Are The Names Of The Hospitals With Blood Bank and Pharmacy?

Kolkata is blessed with several health care institutions that provide emergency services to patients. Below we have listed some of the best hospital names to contact when in need:

  1. MedicaSuperspeciality Hospital:

MedicaSuperspeciality Hospital is one of the best institutions in the “City Of Joy” which looks after the requirements of patients. Their 24 x 7 blood bank and pharmacy center have superior facilities and efficient service.

Blood Bank (Contact): 033 6652 5000

Pharmacy (Contact): 8100600100

  1. Ramkrishna Mission SevaPratisthan:

Ramkrishna Mission SevaPratisthan was started way back in 1932. Since then the medical center has grown into a 626 bedded facility. Equipped with a pharmacy and the best blood bank in Kolkata, the healthcare institution has a quick turnaround time.

Contact Number: +91 33 2475 3636-3639

  1. Fortis Healthcare Limited:

Fortis Healthcare Limited is a leading healthcare provider in Kolkata, with technologically advanced services. It is one of the flagship hospitals with a blood bank along with a 24 x 7 pharmacy within the hospital premises.

Contact Number: 033 6620 2000               

  1. BM Birla Heart Research Center:

BM Birla Heart Research Center is also accredited as the first NABH hospital in India. The reputed hospital has many amenities, of which the fully-stocked blood bank and pharmacy are the pioneers.

Contact: 033-40884088, 033-40884000

  1. ILS Hospitals:

The hospital is famous for having one of the best pharmacies and blood banks. Since its inception in the year 2000, the organization has forged ahead in the sector of healthcare with its services.

Contact: Dumdum: 033-40315000, Howrah: 033-40880000, Salt Lake: 033-40206500

Since emergencies never strike with a prior warning, it is best to be armed with the right information. Now that we have listed the emergency numbers of blood banks and pharmacies in Kolkata, it is your turn to stay updated.

In case of a crisis, just give a call to these above numbers and get immediate assistance for your loved ones.

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