Top 5 Hospitals For Seniors in Bhubaneswar

Old age is a sensitive phase of life. It is the time when people need care and support from everyone around them. As with birth, adolescence, and adulthood, seniors also have their issues and troubles.

As each level passes, mental stability tends to decrease and physical strength deteriorates. Thus, it is very important to give proper treatment to older adults. One of the prime ways of understanding the worries of the elders is through senior-friendly hospitals in Bhubaneswar.

These health care units facilitate the best of services and also have the laxity to understand the worries of elders. Below in this blog, we have mentioned the top 5 hospitals for seniors in Bhubaneswar.

Which Senior Friendly Hospitals In Bhubaneswar Are The Best?

Hospitals form the backbone of care and treatment in our society. If there is a top-notch hospital nearby, then seniors get the option of good treatment. Bhubaneswar has a range of medical organizations that have numero uno facilities for seniors.

Although there are a lot of options available in Temple City for seniors, here are the names of the top 5:

  1.     AMRI:

AMRI hospitals are located in Khandagir, Bhubaneswar, and are known to provide excellent service to seniors. The hospital takes care of more than 3 lakh patients annually and has now conducted more than 15,000 successful surgeries. A task force of 600 doctors, 35 specialties, and more than 1,000 beds help keeps the hospital ahead of the curve. AMRI is also renowned as the best for seniors due to a committed team of doctors who believe in imparting the best services.

  1.     Care Hospitals:

Care Hospital was founded in 1997 by a team of cardiologists. The hospital initiated its journey with a team of 20 cardiologists and quickly expanded its services across 5 states. There is also a “Giving Lives” program, which spreads awareness towards organ donations. With an average of 2.3 million people healed every time, Care Hospitals are the best option for seniors. All these along with multi-specialty make the health care unit one of a kind.

  1.   Kalinga Hospital:

Kalinga Hospital is one of the best senior-friendly hospitals in Bhubaneswar. The super-specialty hospital has over 30 years of experience and boasts 42 bedded critical care unit. Over 300 cases of a successful kidney transplants and a horde of other facilities make the hospital most preferred in Eastern India. The hospital also provides a tertiary level of care backed by a team of multi-disciplinary doctors who are committed to each patient. What makes the hospital different from others is its aim of providing services which result in patient satisfaction.

  1.   AIIMS Bhubaneswar:

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences is one of the established health care organizations in Bhubaneswar. There are in total of 43 departments in the hospital in pre-clinical, para-clinical, and super specialty departments. From its inception in 2003 till now, the health care center has specialized in many successful surgeries, which further elevates its status. With a patient-centric approach and commitment, the hospital is one of the numero uno health care facilities for seniors.

  1.     Apollo Hospitals:

Apollo Hospital is another name in the health care sector of Bhubaneswar. The main aim of the hospital is to make health care of international standards available to all patients. Another key aspect of the health care facility is the Out-Patient Department, which has over 37 consultation chambers and minor procedure rooms. Apollo also offers an excellent amalgamation of medical facilities with sophisticated equipment which makes it best for seniors.

Older adults are always the victim of an unorganized and impersonal medical care system. However, all the above-mentioned hospitals in Bhubaneswar are diligently changing that scenario. These health care facilities are not only a flag bearers but also take utmost care of seniors in the best way possible.

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