Why are Older People Scared of Hospitals?

That medicinal smell once you enter the hospital. The continuous beeping of the monitors. The weird atmosphere all around or the scared look on everyone’s face. There is something about hospitals that have the potential to terrify us, especially older people. Elders always associate going to the hospital with something being wrong and bad consequences.

Hospital anxiety is common, but sometimes this fear might accentuate and transform into a phobia. The elderly are scared of hospitals and this fear is termed Nosocomephobia.

Why so scared of hospitals?

There might be numerous reasons why older people are scared of hospitals. But, here are some reasons that make this fear a common one.

1. Things getting out of control

It’s natural to get this feeling, especially for an elderly person. Having everything under their control is something that they like and it gives them a sense of relief. But, a trip to the hospital shatters their belief system and makes them feel that everything is out of their control.

2. They cannot have a better life

Elderly people consider that stepping foot in the hospital to get a simple check-up done is bad news. They feel that in case they are detected with some ailment, they won’t be able to get their life back on track.

3. Going to hospitals deteriorates their health

One of the preconceived notions that older people have about hospitals is that if they visit it, their health might deteriorate and reduce their mortality rate.

How to reduce the fear?

  • Educate yourself: To begin with, it’s always better to stay aware and alert, rather than being unaware and anxious. You’ll find many stories with which you can resonate and other tips that can help you calm down.
  • Have faith in your doctor: In order to not let their anxiety take control of the situation, it’s important to trust your doctors in times like this. When you place your faith in your doctor, you feel less scared and you start feeling like you have good control of the situation.
  • Stay active and productive: Some simple things like meditation can not only keep medical problems at bay but also reduce your anxiety. Ensure that they always eat fresh and clean food, do simple exercises that build their endurance level, pray, cultivate a hobby, and spend time with family and friends. As they say, an idle mind is a devil’s workshop; it’s better to always stay productive and not let anxiety get to you.

The fear of hospitals is common and these simple tips can help you to a great extent. Being scared is one thing, but being aware of it, and using these effective techniques to work towards reducing that fear is important.

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