Why Should You Hire Someone to be with Your Parents?

Every person requires a little help from others in their life from time to time. And when it zeroes down to your aging parents, nothing takes priority over their health. It might come as a revelation but, taking care of geriatrics can sometimes become quite overwhelming in today’s busy life.

Blame it on the 9-9 job schedules, but this routine indeed leaves no space for any additional responsibility. In this scenario, a small step from your side can make parental care easy in a jiffy. And who better to count upon than the professional caregivers.

What is the role of a caregiver?

Figuring out the needs of your parents and their health concerns is like walking two paths at the same time. Aging parents require the utmost care; otherwise, delirious situations can arise.

A professional caregiver can help you in this context. They take responsibility of day to day tasks and keep older adults comfortable on their premises. The signs of aging can sometimes take a toll on daily activities. A caregiver is one who can readily take care of personal hygiene, prevent unforeseen circumstances, and provide the best home care for parents. They even strike a perfect balance between daily activities and ensure that patients remain independent while taking help momentarily.

Today in-home care is one of the sought-after provisions for seniors. The service is gaining word-of-mouth due to the horde of benefits associated with it. As the senior population is seeing a surge in the current scenario, the best you can do is arrange a professional caregiver for parents.

Why is the role of a caregiver important?

Did you know that other than medical ailments, seniors today fall prey to loneliness and depression? And that can lead to bad quality of life. Amid family visits and other engagements, seniors do find themselves alone.

A caregiver can assist seniors with more than just medical tasks. They can even let them cultivate new friendships and hobbies. The tremendous amount of emotional support given by home care providers is enough to push stability into the lives of older adults.

The process of aging brings with it a fair share of problems. But the key to thriving continuously through golden years lies in enjoying each moment of life. And a caregiver makes you realize that very easily.

How is Tribeca Care aiding seniors through this?

Since the beginning of 2020, a new pandemic surfaced in the shape of COVID-19. Social distancing measures adopted by the government have already wreaked havoc on many people.

While most individuals are at a higher risk of this unannounced threat, Tribeca Care has bought forth a new share of initiatives for people above 60. These initiatives are a beacon of hope for all seniors as they help provide medical and psychological support in these unprecedented times.

The various special services launched by the platform are as follows:

  • 24-hour CCTV Monitoring: Tribeca Care provides CCTV installations through which you can keep a tab on loved ones without physical intervention.
  • TalkTo-me: As mentioned earlier, psychological well-being is a necessity in today’s scenario. Tribeca Care has launched the talk me service, which helps seniors get emotional support over the phone.
  • Happy @ home: It is a non-medical initiative that gives seniors access to activities such as music, yoga, and reading sessions.
  • Dare to CareTribeca has enlisted help from corona warriors who have helped 3000+ seniors in this emergency period by providing groceries, medicines, and other essentials.

Apart from that, parental care is made easy with Tribeca’s dedicated care managers who make daily call-ins to seniors and monitor their health needs closely.


The recent outbreak of coronavirus has sure popped up many roadblocks for the health sector. But there is a ray of hope with platforms like Tribeca Care, which have come out with several ways to tackle this epidemic. The list of services started by the eldercare platform has made it evident as to why it is necessary to employ caregivers for geriatrics. With so many initiatives and services rolled into one, it can be safely concluded that platforms like Tribeca Care are the need of the hour today.

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