Fear of Falling Down

fall risk in old age

We all start running from the moment we gain consciousness. First we run to play, and then we run for school, then for college, then for work and life. We run until we feel the pain for the first time, a warning that indicates you to slow down a little because it is time for some care, and some service that your body demands. We however neglect this indication and continue to run for life.

Life is harsh and it will challenge us every moment. Running for life and work to overcome those challenges is the only option and no one is blaming us for that. But we have to stay strong in order to run for life. For that we cannot neglect those indication rather embrace it so that we can stay fit both physically and mentally.

Some people become weak and retire from work while the others gallop till their last day. Want to know the secret? Well the former might have neglected the indications of body damage such as joint pains, back pains, knee pain, neck pain which might lead to arthritis, spondylitis, osteoarthritis, etc. while the later have recognized these indication and have taken precautions such as physiotherapy treatment on time and stayed fit for the rest of their life.

Neglecting these pains can lead to chronic arthritis and spondylitis where chances of falling down are too high. One might hesitate to walk or stand up just because of the fear of falling down. In our country 80% of bone fractures of elder people are due to falling down. In some scenario one might not be able to walk again due to hip bone fracture. Chronic arthritis can also results inability in maintain balance thus injecting fear of falling down in our mind.

What to do if you are already in this kind of situation?

Stay strong! Nothing can beat you if you are mentally strong and stubborn to get out of this situation. Call for a physiotherapy treatment immediately and consult doctor for medication. It is going to be hard initially but it will give up in front of your strong will power.

If you are having only the mentioned indications and symptoms, then there is nothing to worry. It won’t matter if you take care of these in prior time. Go for physiotherapy treatment and consult a physician for expert advice. Having a good physical condition will make you mentally happy and satisfied in elder age.

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