5 Out-of-the-World Gifts for your Ageing Mother this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is here. Have you decided upon the best gift for your ageing mother?

You’ve probably given her cakes and chocolates, clothes and jewelry and many other things in the past. But this Mother’s Day, you must give her something special to compensate for the lockdown restrictions, which are keeping her indoors, away from friends and family; perhaps, even from you!

You may not realize it, but the extended period of lockdown can have an impact on the mental health of senior citizens. Therefore, this Mother’s Day, cheer her up with one or more of these unique gifts:

Happy At Home

TriBeCa Care’s Happy At Home is a unique program of free access to recreational activities through WhatsApp and zoom sessions.

1.Yogaonline yoga for seniors

A rejuvenating yoga session can do wonders, not only for the body but also for the mind and soul.


2. Crossword

Crossword games decrease boredom and increase mental agility. We add to it a fun element when we conduct a session.


3. Book readingonline book reading for seniors

She may or may not love to read a book, but joining a book reading session online is a different experience altogether; worth trying out.


4. Music

Let us surprise her with soul-stirring music from the good old days – music that she loves, music that is soothing or invigorating.


5. Talk To Me

Through this program, we provide something special – a nice person to talk with, over the telephone. This could be the answer to her psychological needs.


Dare To Care

In addition to the above, we provide no-contact, doorstep delivery of groceries and medicine.

Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve been doing during the pandemic and lockdown: 

Elder Safety during COVID Lockdown


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