avoid loneliness in old age

“I’m getting out of breath when i walk a few steps or climb steps.”

“Since my wife died, I just have some milk and bread for dinner.”

“I’ve lived here 50 years. No other place will seem like home.”

These are universal issues for the elderly. And, you may sigh with the oft-heard phrase—“I want to stay in my own home!” The good news is that with the right help you might be able to do just that.

What do you need to do first?

Planning in advance for the road ahead is tough because one is unsure of how one’s needs may change.

The first step is to rationally assess the kinds of help you might want in the near future.

Maybe you live alone, so there is no one living in your home who will be around and available to help you. Maybe you don’t need help right now, but you live with a husband or wife who does. Everyone has a different situation, but one way to begin planning is to look at any illnesses like diabetes or arthritis or emphysema that you or your spouse might have. Talk to your doctor about how these health problems could make it hard for someone to get around or take care of him- or herself in the future. Help getting dressed in the morning, fixing a meal, or remembering to take medicine may be all you need to stay in your own home.

What kinds of help can you get?

You can get almost any type of help you want in your home—with TriBeCa Care’s geriatric care managers. The following list includes some common things people need:

Personal care: Is bathing, washing your hair, or dressing getting harder to do? Maybe a relative or friend could help. Or, you could hire a trained aide for a short time each day from TriBeCa Care.

Housekeeping: Do you need help with chores like housecleaning, grocery shopping, or laundry? Some grocery stores and drug stores will take your order over the phone and bring the items to your home. There are cleaning services you can hire, or maybe someone you know has a housekeeper to suggest. Some housekeepers will help with laundry. Some drycleaners will pick up and deliver your clothes.

Meals: Worried that you might not be eating nutritious meals or tired of eating alone? Or a hot meal may not be available at hand?

Money management: Do you worry about paying bills late or not at all? Are health insurance claim forms confusing? Maybe you can get help with these tasks. Volunteers, financial counselors, or geriatric care managers needed?

Legal matters: Even though you might not need it now, you could need help with legal matters.

Health care: Do you forget to take your medicine? Have you just gotten out of the hospital and still need nursing care at home for a short time? DO you require assistance to pay your medical insurance bills or help in reimbursements thereof?

The answer lies with our Geriatric care managers at TriBeCa Care for those who want ultimate comprehensive home care for their loved ones. These specially trained professionals can help find resources to make your daily life easier. They will work with you to form a long-term care plan and find the services you need. The comprise regular and frequent Care Manager visits, accompaniment to a temple or a doctor or the market or a movie. The Care Manager organizes everything – monthly medicines, doctor appointments, emotional companionship, nursing care, ambulance facilitation, food pick-up from a favourite restaurant, weekly grocery shopping or bill payments, if needed. Even scheduled experienced doctor visits are also possible at home.

 TriBeCa Care’s home care packages (various categories) consists of:

  • 24/7 Helpline with Ambulance call-up service
  • Complete overseeing of the elder’s physical and emotional comfort.
  • Companionship visits from a Care Manager
  • Escorted outing – temple, doctor, mall – for the elderly at pre-decided intervals
  • Grocery shopping and other errands as needed and specified (upto 4 times a month)
  • Scheduled GP check up at home as requested
  • Customization of the home care programe to meet your specific requirements.


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