Happy Mother’s Day! To My Mother, My Inspiration

happy mothers day 2019





How you address her might be different—countless synonyms, different languages, other loving forms to address a mother—but what never changes is the emotion and the love that the word instills in each one of us. So, when I say that my mother is one in a million and my inspiration, it would definitely come as no surprise.

As the world is celebrating mother’s love on this Mother’s Day, let’s just rewind to a time when she wasn’t a wife or even a mother!

Being born and brought up in a family who had very little means, as a daughter, she understood her responsibilities at a very young age. She managed to balance her studies and her chores and completed her schooling. As they say that luck favours those who work hard for it, she secured a receptionist job at a well-known firm. It might not sound that a big deal, but for a girl who had literally risen from the ashes to secure a job at a reputable firm was nothing short of a miracle.

Her dedication, determination, and sincerity are what brought her to prominence among several others, especially to one—my father. Yes, my father was her senior and as luck would have it—they fell in love and got hitched.

Her life as a daughter-in-law and a wife was no cakewalk. Being a Catholic married to a Tamil Brahmin in those days was no mean feat and she had to put in more efforts to just gel along with her new family. She even had to give up her love for non-vegetarian food and till date, she remains a pure vegetarian.

Her life post my birth wasn’t easy at all, but she never let that affect her in any way. From the time when I was around 5-years old to date, I’ve always seen her working tirelessly. My mother has always been my inspiration. She began at the grassroots level as a receptionist. Today she is the National Head of a company and has more than 70 people reporting to her. Although she’s a working woman, she balances work and home with great aplomb. She wakes up as early at 6 am in the morning, makes breakfast, prepares lunch for my dad, and leaves for work.

They say that we all take some qualities from both our parents. But, being my inspiration, I look up to my mother in more ways than one. She has always been a silent motivator and has encouraged me to keep moving forward and to never give up. I would consider myself lucky if I turn out to be even half as amazing as she is.

My mother is my inspiration! Today I can proudly say that all I am or I aim to be, I owe it all to her.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mumma!

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