Home Care Services – Benefits for the Entire Family

home care service

Studies indicate that patients recuperating from illness, injury or surgical procedures, are more likely to heal better when recovering at home. Home based recovery is typically quicker and cheaper than in expensive medical facilities. Extended stay in hospitals can also increase the risk of secondary infections that may seriously compromise rehabilitation and recuperation.

Where would your loved one be most comfortable and confident? At home, of course! Unless intensive facility-based care is required, home is the best place for aging family members to recuperate. You want to ensure they receive professional and compassionate Home Care – because there is no place like home!

Although typically family members serve as primary caregivers, many patients require professional Home Care.Managing Home Care, especially for the elderly, is a massive challenge as multiple service providers are involved in providing that care –doctors, nursing agencies, physiotherapists, medical suppliers. Most of these providers are small, unorganized players who extend sub-optimal care quality.

Professional Home Care in India

Increasingly professional companies, like Tribeca Care (www.tribecacare.com), are offering personalized Home Care in India. These services include a broad range of home support – elder care services, nursing/ayah, doctor home visits, post-hospital rehabilitation, physiotherapy, remote health monitoring, speech therapy, medical devices and medicine supply.

Home Care provides day-to-day support to primary caregivers. This provides them respite and the ability to engage with their loved ones in a better state of mind. Home care services are beneficial for the entire family. For example, Tribeca Care’s offering makes it easier for families to manage end-to-end care at home. For families managing care remotely, possibly from another city or country, services like these provide a convenient, “one-stop” care platform.

Peace of Mind

For busy adult children, with a full-time job and other commitments, the challenge of taking care of an older loved one can add pressure – especially if the care is being coordinated from another location. Professional Home Care can provide peace of mind by ensuring your loved ones are under 24/7 monitoring. Furthermore, professional Home Care Companies can report back regularly on recovery and progress of your loved ones. They can also coordinate with consulting doctors, discharging hospitals or preferred diagnostic centers to ensure the right protocols are being followed at home.

Convenient & Professional


Professional Home Care services provide tremendous convenience for busy families. Home Care professionals have the experience, training and knowledge to manage the full care spectrum – from infection control to prevention of falls to emergency support to personal care tasks like bathing, feeding and exercising, respiratory care.


Improves Family Dynamics

Family caregivers are under major stress while managing their aging loved one’s wellbeing. They also need to juggle multiple other responsibilities while being a primary caregiver. Juggling all these demands may ultimately lead to weariness, resentment or tension and could take its toll on relationships.  Home Care provides much-needed respite to family caregivers, helping you improve your family’s interactions, enabling you to focus more on the fun and not so much on the chores.

Remember that home care services:

·         Are delivered in the comfort of the patient’s home

·         Make it easier for family and friends to visit

·         Promote healing in a familiar environment

·         Provide better controls over infections

·         Allow primary care givers more freedom and independence

·         Are much more affordable than inpatient care

·         Can be tailored to meet individual care needs

·         Can largely reduce re-hospitalizations
When loved ones need significant care and attention, sometimes beyond the capacity of family and friends to provide themselves, professional Home Care may be the only choice. Choose your service provider carefully. Do the right level of due diligence on the provider. Talk to their current customers for an unbiased perspective of services. But most importantly, be aware that finding the right provider is an art not a science. Things can and will go wrong. So be prepared to work with your service provider to keep improving personalized care till all parties find the right equilibrium.

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