10 Habits for Healthy Ageing

Well, if we look at the supermarket, we will find tonnes of anti-ageing products or supplements to keep a healthy body. However, ageing is not just about having wrinkled and sagging skin or problems in bodily functions. It is also about how you are as an old adult. Ageing healthy is all about having peace of mind and enjoying every moment that one encounters. It is also about living life to the fullest capacity despite all the reasons to be cautious.

Age like wine in oak barrels, it just gets smoother and better with time.

Why is it important to age healthy?

All the medical inventions and discoveries make our lives long-lasting and in the pinkest of conditions. But ageing makes the body susceptible to many medical issues. Take extra care of an elderly person so that they do not lose upon the beautiful turns of life. Help them live their very last moments smiling! All the good souls out there deserve to have a happy ending to their life tales!

The next section deals with some ways to take care of ageing souls and ensure a healthy life for them. So if you are nearing the sixties, or have someone to look after who is in their later years, there are a few tips given below to keep in mind!

Ten ways of ageing healthy:
  1. Exercise:

Regular exercise reduces the probability of health risks such as heart diseases or arthritis. It keeps the joints and the muscles mobile, free from cramps, and super flexible. They also enhance the mood and helps keep the calories in check.

Also, do not overdo or over-estimate the capacity of the body. Increasing age decreases the immunity and strength of a person. Their limitations are to be respected at all costs. Here are a few examples of exercises fit for an old person- cycling, walking, dancing, aerobic and basic stretches.

  1. Take care of the diet:

It is disgusting to have restrictions over the food you love the most due to some disease or health issue. Regulate a balanced diet so that one does not have to suffer from food restrictions. It hampers mental health too. So, follow a healthy diet – fruits and vegetables, fish, beans, chicken, cereals or bread or pasta, dairy products with low-fat content, and healthy fats from various nuts and dry fruits. It is important to regulate the sugar and salt intake accordingly. A healthy meal plays a very important role in staying fit.

  1. Stay active:

Avoid a sedentary life. Take vacations, go on drives and hikes. Always live, laugh, and do things that make oneself happy and content with life. It helps if the old people can develop some hobby and spend time nurturing their skills. It helps keep the mind active. It also improves mental as well as physical health conditions.


  1. Mental health is important:

It is as much crucial as one’s physical health. An elderly person needs more care and mental peace. Sometimes they depend upon their loved ones for support. Not everyone remains in a position to be on their own. They need people around them. One thing that does not do any good to old people is loneliness and neglect. Again, not everyone has the resources to be on their own. Overlooking mental health would result in an unhealthy psychological state. It can thus contribute to the person falling ill. Spend time with friends and family, engage in things that provide them satisfaction and happiness. To ensure healthy ageing, mental health is one of the most important aspects to tend to.

  1. Avoid addictive tendencies:

Drinking or smoking as an adult is accepted as a part of the lifestyle in most communities. But they do increase health risks and contribute to physical complications. They often lead to chronic diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s or organ damage. With age, the immunity of a person decreases, so it is dangerous for an elderly person to have any addictions. One’s mind and body treat the person exactly like he/she treats them. So, be fair and square while making decisions.

  1. Regular check-ups:

Well, an aged body often disguises its sickness until it is too late. Ensure a doctor’s check-up now and then so that any possible complication could be detected beforehand.

  1. Self-care is healing and is beautiful:

Once in a while, one can dress up, or try their old jeans to check if they fit into it, or merely applying a face mask lifts one’s mood. It also boosts self-confidence. It makes their skin glow. Taking care of skin also prevents skin cancer, helps regulate body temperature and bacteria. Remember to go gentle on the skin as it is very sensitive and also the longest organ in the human body!

  1. Sleepaway:

Getting at least seven hours of sleep every day is extremely important for the proper functioning of the body at any age. It is especially important during the later years of one’s life. The elderly person must maintain a healthy routine and stick to his/her body clock.

  1. Drink lots and lots of water:

Staying hydrated is as crucial as getting proper sleep and rest. Compromising on these grounds can hamper one’s health in major ways. Having at least ten glasses of water every day is a must.


  1. Manage your stress levels:

Practising meditation or yoga is important. Being in the present is needed for an aged person to keep stress at bay. Focusing upon the good parts of life and bringing in more positivity is a very useful method of ageing healthy!

Graceful ageing is not about trying to look young. It is all about trying to feel young and enthusiastic and, at peace. Everything that is to be done to achieve this state of mind and body is necessary. Keep healthy, keep happy. The world is bound to be a better place.

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