10 Myths about Home Health Care

Home Health Care is often required for patients who need post-hospitalization convalescent care. It is for the aging seniors if they have chronic conditions or dementia is setting in. Home Health Care is for anyone with a condition that requires special therapies or vigilant monitoring. Since the ambit of this healthcare service is so large and varied, there are also many myths prevalent amongst lay people, regarding the specifics of Home Health Care. In this blog, we have tried to address some of those myths and set them right with counterbalanced facts, for your better understanding of this service.

Is professional home care a better option than post-hospitalisation?
Is professional home care a better option than post-hospitalization?

10 most common myths about home health care and home nursing services:

Myth #1 Home health care services are extremely expensive.

Fact: Home health care services are very much affordable, and their services depend on the assessment they make of the patients. Most home health care agencies provide a range of services starting from routine check-ups at home or home care nursing services to access to emergency support at affordable prices.

Myth # 2 The service provided at home is below the standard of services provided in hospitals.

Fact: Home care or home nursing services can only be provided by trained healthcare workers such as ICU/ITU trained nurses and patient care attendants under the supervision of medical practitioners. The type of care that is required to aid people to recover faster is easily administrable from home and does not affect the standard of services.

Myth #3 Home health care essentially leads to not having any freedom.

Fact: Home health care lets you choose according to your convenience. No one can take away your freedom to make an informed choice.

Myth #4: Personal care at home is equivalent to home health care.

Fact: No matter how much personal care you have at home, nothing equals professional home health care, which places at your service a set of medically-skilled healthcare professionals.

Myth #5: Trusting the home health care staff is tough.

Fact: The home health care provider you choose will certainly screen the staffs that they are appointing. Only skilled, empathetic, and honest staff are recruited by professional care providers.

Myth #6: Family members can replace home health care.

Fact: In the worst of times, you do need your family members to feel burdened by taking care of you. Family brings solace and comfort to the spirit, but simultaneously one also needs professional caregivers to heal.

Myth #7: Home health care is only meant after surgery.

Fact: You do not need to have a hospital history to be eligible for home health care. Any individual who has several chronic conditions and to whom the doctor refers home health care can avail of it.

Myth #8: Home health care is needed when you are bed-bound.

Fact: This is not at all true. You can be mobile and still need professional care at home.

Myth #9: Nursing care is unavoidable when it comes to getting home health care.

Fact: There are several different types of therapies that someone can require, without availing of nursing care. Remember, there are many types of home health care services available for your loved ones depending on the type of care needed. It can range from physiotherapy to psychotherapy to 24-hour attendants to home diagnostics at home.

Myth #10: Unless you are terminally ill, you cannot sign up for home health care.

Fact: If you need home health care, you simply need it. There are no conditions for the same. Your doctor can recommend home health care for any physical condition, and there is no particular marker of the degree of seriousness.

When certain circumstances necessitate that we avail of home health care services, we often try to postpone or reject the notion. The reason is the many preconceived ideas we carry in our minds about home health care services. We, at TriBeCa, are always happy to help you and your families. For any related assistance, you can either request a callback or call us at + 913366064208. You can also email us at enquiry@tribecacare.com. Good luck!