4 Easy Ways to Protect Mom or Dad from Serious Fall

If you are looking for ways to protect your mom and dad from a serious fall, you are in the right place. If you have an older adult in your home, then it is natural to worry about their safety. As soon as your loved ones cross the age limit of 60, a lot many issues start gripping them. Starting from mental well-being to physical injuries, the aged people always live at constant risk to their health.

Out of all these concerns, falls also acquire a major concern for adults today. Falls from the base for both fatal and non-fatal injuries for all people who are 60+.

So how to upgrade senior safety at home? In this blog, we will discuss in detail the delirious outcomes of falls and also learn how to prevent adults from critical situations.

Why are falls so dangerous?

Falls, whether big or small, can result in serious injury. A fall can abhor the lines of home safety for seniors.  It can give rise to conditions like a dislocated disc, fractures, and spinal injuries.

But the good news amidst all the situation is that we can take an array of measures to prevent falls. If you have your senior parents at home, then these below factors are the main reasons why a fall occurs:

  • As we tend to grow old, lack of balance and coordination primarily through inactivity leads to falls.
  • Seniors have blurred vision which makes it hard for them to see the obstacles leading to falls.
  • Medications that are taken for chronic health conditions like diabetes and arthritis give rise to dizziness, or loss of control and can make a personal trip.
 What are the steps that one can inculcate to stop seniors from falling?
With so much concern regarding the aftermath of falls here are 4 easy ways that one can inculcate to protect the loved ones from a serious fall and increase senior safety at home:
  1. Encourage Parents to Stay Active Through Exercise: Exercise is one of the common ways to make older stay active and be firm on their feet. This not only keeps them engaged but also makes the muscles and other joints in the body stay strong. Always remember before enlisting your parents in any kind of fitness program, do not forget to take consultation of a physician beforehand.
  2. Monitor their medications and check-up from time to time: If you feel that your older loved one is experiencing any problem managing their health, then it is better to appoint a caregiver for them. The professional caregivers take care of their eating schedule, and medicines, and also make them feel safe and secure in their own homes. It is also seen that many times seniors fall prey to depression.  A caregiver gives them company and thus helps them battle loneliness from the core.
  3. Keep a tab on their physical activity: While your loved ones are moving around at home, kindly keep an eye on their physical activity. Check to see if they are clinging to furniture or walls while walking around. If this is the case, then it is time to consult a physical therapist. Physical therapists help in improving balance, control, and gait through exercises, which prevent the risk of falling.
  4. Make Your Home Safety Proof: These are some of the inexpensive ways to increase home safety for seniors. You can take small steps like improving the lighting around the house, installing secure rails alongside the stairs, or grab bars in the bathrooms, which cuts off the additional risk of falling.
How Tribeca Care can help you with this?

Tribeca Care is one of the leading eldercare platforms in the country. The organization has enlisted the help of professional caregivers, who take care of the older adults by making daily call-ins, keeping a note of the groceries, and medicines along with providing them assistance in telemedicine.

All aged people need the utmost care when they hit the 60s. To make them feel secure in and around home premises, you can inculcate all the above-mentioned steps or take the help of professional caregivers to make them stay on their feet without encountering dire circumstances.

If you need further help or advice, give us a call. TriBeCa Care is happy to be by your side. For more information call us at + 913366064208 or request a callback. We are also available by email at enquiry@tribecacare.com