5 Facts you didn’t know about the Grandparent’s Day

Grandparents’ day has been around for decades now, yet many people hardly know about the same. We celebrate this day as a reminder for acknowledging and celebrating an important tradition. And that is the love, care, upbringing, and moral values passed on by our grandparents.

It all began with the concept of the nuclear family. Unlike joint families, modern couples today live away from their parents; hence, the generation gap constantly seems to widen. Thus, this upcoming day set a goal to spend some with your entire aged parents and let your kids know the importance of grandparents.

History of the Grandparents Day

To know the history of Grandparent’s day, we have to time travel to the year 1969, when a small yet unsuccessful attempt was made by a kid. Fast forward to some more years, Maria McQuade bought the tradition to live. While organizing a community tradition for people above the age bracket of 80 and above, she realized a pertinent thing. Most of the residents were either forgotten by the family members or didn’t have any contact with them.

The concept began to make waves and in  1973, it finally gained momentum when West Virginia was the first state in the U.S to have such a day. This year, Grandparents Day is on the 13th of September.

What is the motto of celebrating Grandparents Day?

The main motto of the holiday is to honor the grandparents and let them shower love on kids and family. As the concept of joint family is dying rapidly due to the work schedule and circumstances, Grandparents Day is a preamble to help little ones get to know the importance of grandparents, along with the love, warmth, and affection that the older generation offers.

Moreover, this tradition is a ubiquitous way of explaining to the youth the contribution of the older generation. There are a few people across the globe who are fortunate enough to be living under the care and guidance of Grandparents.

Additionally, recent studies throw light on the various aspects of why it is important to acknowledge the presence of older adults. According to a survey,  almost 51% of grandparents look after their children by giving proper child care. In addition to being an active contributor to unpaid child care, grandparents also help families financially, thus making them a key member of your life.


Facts about Grandparents Day you don’t know
  • There is a special song penned down by Johnny Prill, specially composed for the day whose lyrics are “A song for grandma and grandpa”. Listen to the song here – https://youtu.be/Eyq7L9azI-c
  • Forget-Me-Not is the official flower recognized for Grandparents Day.
  • This holiday is almost 40 years old and lands on the Sunday after labor day.
  • Today Grandparents Day is mostly about family get-togethers, greeting cards, and homemade feats.
  • Each continent celebrates Grandparents Day differently. While in the US it is the first Sunday, in the UK it is the first Sunday in October. Mexican celebrate the day on August 28 every year.

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