5 Medical Devices you must have at Home

Some medical devices should be a priority. These devices are useful for anybody who want to be on top of their health game. One crucial thing this quarantine has done for us is to highlight the importance of healthcare. Since the virus is fatal to people who have other underlying diseases, it is time to become proactive in keeping our health sound. Moreover, the largest percentage of people affected have been the elderly. Senior citizens are increasingly finding themselves having to become independent to a certain extent. The devices mentioned below not only give them a fighting chance to fight against COVID-19 but also in maintaining a healthy lifestyle in general.


The most useful device, one that has reached celebrity status in 2020, is the thermometer. There are several types, oral, digital, and laser thermometers. While we have grown up with the first kind, at some point, we were also acquainted with the second kind. The digital, while pricier than the former, is a more accurate device. However, the laser thermometer takes mere seconds for an accurate reading, as compared to the minutes of waiting for the first two types. It also requires minimal contact so less of a chance for the spread of the disease.


Diabetes is one of the leading causes of health complications in India. Having a machine handy that can accurately indicate the blood sugar level can prove to be lifesaving in the long run. It requires only a drop of blood. It is important to rely on the directions given by your doctor and the instruction manual that comes with the machine for optimum use of the device.


This device can prove to be indispensable, especially in the world we inhabit presently – full of stress, speed, and competition. It is a machine that indicates Blood Pressure levels. While it can be useful for anybody, it is especially beneficial for people with high BP. Correct use and monitoring can prevent strokes or even fatal heart attacks.

Weight Scale

Many diseases can cause weight gain, just as obesity can lead to many diseases. A piece of leading advice that doctors give their patients is to keep a tab on weight so that neither of the above can take place. A weight scale can help people not to overdo their weight loss program while also providing a reminder to keep working at a healthier lifestyle.
(Note: While a weighing machine can be helpful, it is important to remember that this is not a comment on any body type. Persons who maintain a balanced life by combining regular exercise and a healthy diet can also be found to have smaller or larger than average body types.)
(Note 2: A weighing machine should be used by doctor’s orders to not have it add to an unhealthy body image or dysphoria.)


Rampant pollution has made a disease like asthma become an everyday occurrence in this world. Even the coronavirus affects the respiratory system more than any other organ in the body. Nebulizers help in administering medicines directly to the airway. This aids in regular breathing for the patient.

CPAP Machine

An often-overlooked disease, which can occur due to a combination of old age, obesity, high BP, and other reasons is sleep apnea. It is when the air pathways are blocked, making it harder, sometimes impossible, to breathe. Chronic snoring is a major symptom of sleep apnea. The Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine helps clear the pathway for unhindered breathing while sleeping when the person is not able to consciously regulate it.

Apart from the above, other machines can help one live a better life. The good news is that they are readily available in the market.

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