5 Steps you can Take to Avoid Dementia

Dementia is not a new term in medical history; it has been prevalent in adults for ages. While Alzheimer’s and dementia both trigger memory loss, there are other factors also which contribute to the health condition.

As of today, dementia is used as an umbrella term to address several symptoms that indicate the gradual degeneration of the mind. A person suffering from the condition is prone to loss of memory, disorientation, confusion, and also experiences communication problems.

Why Is dementia a cause of worry?

A slight fading of memory is the usual syndrome of aging. However, dementia is much more than that. It is a health condition with varied causes and can trigger off some unusual conditions as well.

Although there are a lot of risk factors for dementia, the condition also causes a major impairment in other functions of the brain such as:

  • Language
  • Speech
  • Perception

Hence, dementia is a cause of worry for everyone including people above 60+ years.

Can dementia be prevented?

Dementia prevention has become a major concern for people today. Although some types of dementia are indeed beyond our control, 5 necessary steps can be taken to evaluate and maintain your health.


It has been proven that regular exercise can help reduce the various risk factors of dementia. Aerobic exercises are shown to slow down atrophy in the hippocampus of the brain, the part which controls memory.

Also, regular exercise is good for keeping tabs on weight, heart health, and mood controls and prevents the factors leading to memory loss.


Good diet:

A healthy and balanced diet is one that helps in keeping both the brain and body intact. Therefore, try to include vegetables, fruits, lentils, grains, eggs, milk, and lean meat in your diet.

Also, make sure that your diet is nutrient-rich and does not have unnecessary quantities of processed foods, saturated fats, and sugar.

Avoid smoking and alcohol:

Recent research also shows that smoking and alcohol are the major causes of dementia in every way. Therefore, it is highly important to go easy with both the nicotine and liquor intake as it may lead to nothing but delirious conditions.

Keep the mind active:

The best way to prevent dementia is by keeping your mind active. Try a hand at solving puzzles, or involve yourself in reading books, learning an instrument, or just start writing. In this way, you can keep the risk factor of memory loss at bay.

Managing health:

Staying fit and in shape is one of the many ways of tackling major health issues, therefore it is paramount to implement a healthy lifestyle to lower the risk of dementia.

How eldercare platforms can help you in this field?

Today eldercare platforms have started to gain momentum due to the advanced level of care they provide. Tribeca Care is also one of the leading platforms that have made a name for itself in this sector.

The various initiatives started by the platform help older adults to keep themselves engaged in any situation by involving them in various activities like recreational classes, yoga, and reading sessions for free to elders.


The battle against dementia is not an easy one and can easily grip a person. Therefore, it is advisable to follow all the above-mentioned habits, as these can help in dementia prevention along with making life easy for you.

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