Caring for a Dementia Patient: A Case Study

Advancing years often bring with them a host of sudden or chronic changes in our minds and bodies. One of the changes in the mind is the onset of dementia. It is a neural debility that usually accompanies aging in the body. Different degrees can affect us at different ages. Dementia is one of the most common and yet one of the least understood problems of old age. The most significant changes that this condition brings are the loss of memory and disorientation. It is, therefore, a challenge to take care of a dementia patient. Sometimes family members, with all the affection and the best of intent, find it beyond their powers to handle a dementia patient effectively at home.

That is the point when one needs to consider homecare from an experienced service provider. At Tribeca, we have cared for many members with dementia over the years. Our team of skilled caregivers is fully aware of the needs of dementia patients and thus provides them with the utmost care. This true account is of one such selfless caregiver and her experience with dementia patients.

How Our Caregiver Helped a Dementia Patient at Home

Indeed, caring for someone with dementia can be a long and stressful journey. What makes its adder is that there is no cure for the disease till now. In this precarious situation, the assistance of a caregiver can surely bring about a difference.

Tribeca Care is not new in this sector. The organization has been dealing with patients with dementia for many years now. Let us take an incident that happened a few months ago. Mr. Bose, an elderly man who stays all by himself, was diagnosed with the disease.

It so happened that with time he lost his cognitive abilities and started to draw back into his shell. His condition also worsened and gave rise to a plethora of emotions and practical difficulties at a day-to-day level. When our caregiver Geeta heard about this, she immediately rushed to his aid.

The main problem of dementia is that as it progresses through the different stages, responsibilities become more challenging. However, Geeta efficiently handled all these with ease. She visited him regularly and devised a daily routine for Mr. Bose. This included an easy-to-understand mode of communication along with bathing, dressing, and eating.

Apart from the various tips for dealing with dementia, our caregiver also did other things as well:

Handling Troubled Behavior:

One of the best ways of dealing with aggressive dementia patients is by tracking their personality changes. Our caregivers coped with these challenges through sheer patience and compassion. She understands that multiple factors influence behavior and thus she is flexible in addressing the issue.


People with dementia have a habit of walking aimlessly. We have successfully mitigated this risk by inculcating exercise routines and installing a home security system.

Displaying Frustration:

Dementia patients show physical and verbal irritability as the disease progresses. The best way to deal with dementia patients who are aggressive is by keeping dangerous things out of reach. You can even distract the person with the help of a snack or an activity.


Tribeca Care, with its swift and thoughtful assistance, has become a reliable partner for the elderly across the country. Needless to say, we would never have accounted for such phenomenal success if it was not for our caregivers. Tribeca Care is equipped with a team of skilled caregivers who can immediately assist your loved ones, with care and expertise. For more information call us at + 913366064208 or request a callback. Email us at