Geriatric Nurses: Roles and Responsibilities

Irrespective of whether you are a family member, neighbor, or friend, being a caregiver comes with an extra set of responsibilities. It is because, unlike other professions, the life of a geriatric nurse is about walking the extra mile.

Let us put the facts straight. Taking care of the elderly is not an easy job. The requirement of a caregiver is irrespective of the dependence or independence of the senior.

And the list does not stop here.  The blog below carefully decodes the life of geriatric nurses for the elderly and shines a light on their roles and responsibilities.

What Does A Geriatric Nurse Do?

The role of a geriatric nurse is much more demanding than people think. A skilled caregiver is not only experienced in taking care of adults but has other key areas to focus on. This includes learning how to control the disease, making the seniors feel happy, managing child-like behavior, and taking care during sickness.

Apart from the above services, nursing care for elderly patients also includes effective communication with patients. We all know that as people grow old, they tend to fall prey to loneliness. The pangs of isolation, combined with deteriorating health, make matters worse.



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What are the Other Responsibilities of Geriatric Nurse in a Day?

 Caregivers represent the pillars of respect, love, compassion, and companionship, which make them unique in their field. Their roles and responsibilities are diverse and some of them are listed below:

  • The geriatric nurse’s responsibilities are not only limited to caring for the patients. It also involves treating them well and checking for any medical ailments.
  • They follow a patient-centric road map to reach innovative solutions.
  • They collaborate with physicians, families, therapists, and social workers to improve elderly patient’s life.
  • The geriatric nursing courses also cover regular monitoring and documenting the patient’s progress within established timelines.

On a day-to-day basis, a geriatric nurse performs any, some, or all of the below activities:

  • Oral feeding
  • Sponging / Bathing
  • If required, giving the pan
  • From time to time provide medicine as per the consulting general physician’s prescription
  • Vital Signs checks (Body temperature/Sugar check, BP monitoring, pulse, and oxygen saturation check)
  • Change adult diaper as and when required
  • Provide oxygen as and when required
  • IV injection
  • Maintain catheter
  • Ryles tube feeding
  • Bi-level device operation
  • Assist patients in all activities


The need for geriatric nurses is on the rise today due to an increase in the elderly population. We need to remember that the requirement for geriatric nurses is a priority today because they not only take care of patients but also provide much-needed help with minimal discomfort.


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