How Home Care Can Help Prevent Fall Risks?

It is quite common for seniors to lose their balance and fall down within their own homes. As the seniors age, these falls can have severe consequences such as even surgery. More often than not, falls can be completely responsible for causing life-threatening injuries, such as a fracture. Fall prevention at home for the elderly, hence, is always an imperative aspect that we have the responsibility of looking into.

In What Ways Can Sudden Falls Affect a Senior Citizen?

Let us first take a quick look at which areas an unpredictable fall can affect:

  • A sudden fall may affect your hip joint, femur bone, or pelvic area, and may also cause fractures.
  • Furthermore, they can also cause substantial damage to the forearm, as well as the hand.
  • They can also affect the ankle bone, and cause major difficulty in movements.
How Does a Fall Interrupt the Daily Life of a Senior Citizen?

Senior citizens derive both pleasure and peace from maintaining a social life. The social interactions that they have on a daily basis, keep them going. A fall can jeopardize their only socializing space. Thus, a fall not only poses a threat to their physical health but also has an impact on their mental health. Thus it is essential to consider fall prevention under home care.

What are the Potential Fall Risks?

In this section of the blog, we will try to take a look at the potential risk factors that can be responsible for a sudden fall in senior citizens:

  • Old age is one of the most important causes which can lead to a fall.
  • Vitamin deficiency is particularly relevant in this discussion; in more cases than one, this has been the reason behind a fall.
  • In certain cases, muscle weaknesses, and general issues with an elderly person’s body balance is also to be blamed.
  • A number of seniors suffer from ophthalmological problems, thereby making vision largely responsible for the same.
  • Last, but not least, a host of foot conditions can also be held responsible in this regard, among other auxiliary reasons.
How to Prevent This?

While falls can be one of the most dangerous threats for the elderly, it is also significant to note that falls at home are easily preventable, with the help of some good quality home care support. A skilled, professional team will have a particular way of administering fall-based needs that a senior citizen may have. We know that it is better to be safe than sorry. Let’s have a look at a few of the ways in which such a team can prevent this!

  • An attendant can monitor their movements and hold their hands to prevent accidents.
  • The attendant can further take rounds in the house to ensure that the elderly person in concern steers clear of all clutter, which can lead to a sudden fall.
  • It is also one of the many responsibilities of a homecare team to look after the diet and medication that an elderly person is under. Once their health needs are effectively cared for, there is no cause for concern with regards to nutrient deficit leading to a fall.
  • A skilled team of doctors and therapists should monitor the mental and physical health condition of the elderly person, both in terms of prevention, and cure.
  • There are several senior care products like grab bars, anti-skit flooring, CCTV cameras, and SOS phones that can prevent fall risks and associated injury in seniors.

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