How to Manage a Critical Care Patient at Home

Critical care today is becoming a need for people suffering from life-threatening diseases. With the advance in medical sciences today, the options for the critically ill has also become diverse. One such dependable backup is home care.

As the situation in the country progresses towards worse, many families are managing critical care patients at home. Let us know why and how this proves to be the better alternative.

Why opt for Home Care For Critical Patients?

Critical patients do require the best of care and home is the place where proper healing can take place. This is because home care reduces the risk of infection and helps in steady recovery. Other than that necessary factors that make home best for emergency patients are:

  • The cost of having an ICU at home is 50% less than that of the hospital.
  • Patients recover faster when in their familiar environment.
  • Services can be customized based on the severity of the patient’s condition.
How Tribeca Care Helps in Managing A Critical Patient At Home:

Tribeca Care is one such platform that holds the baton in providing critical care for patients at home. The organization has a fleet of simple to complex health care solutions that cater to a variety of care needs. Let us check what they are:

Home Nurses:

The home nurses employed with Tribeca Care are medically trained to help to convalesce patients. From recovery to post-hospitalization needs, the nurses help families with daily activities, medication, and care in-home needs.

Trained Attendants:

Indeed, convalescing patients need the best care post-hospitalization. Thus, Tribeca Care provides attendants and ayahs on both a full-time and part-time basis making them a helping hand for patients.

Installation of Medical Devices at Home:

Not only does the organization has the best attendants at its disposal, but they also provide hospitalization aids for critical care. Devices such as ventilators, BiPap machines, monitors, suction machines, oximeters, and nebulizers are installed in your home for care needs.

Apart from that, critical care patients also get access to walking sticks, crutches, and wheelchairs for better mobility.

Diagnostics At Home:

It is very troublesome for elderly and critical care patients to go for regular check-ups. Thus, with the help of Tribeca Care’s diagnostic at-home service, you can avail of a skilled technician easily. This service provider collects samples for a blood test, and diabetes, from home and delivers the results via email for your convenience.

Apart from all these, Tribeca Care also provides Physiotherapy at Home services for critical patients which results in ameliorating the process further.

The care regime for convalescing patients is indeed tricky. Thus, to give loved ones proper support at home, you need the assistance of experts. Tribeca Care with its list of specialized services helps you in numerous ways. The platform not only provides the best care but also makes the whole situation a bit easy for you!

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