Living with Stage 3 Cancer: A Case Study

The propensity of people for fearing cancer has remained unparalleled for decades. The fear of the same generates from the high possibility of death that is associated with this disease. Although cancer is perceived as a terminal illness, it is often a myth that this condition has no cure, or that one is not able to live a long and healthy life post-cancer.

In this blog, we will take a look at how Ms. Neela Sengupta, a 65-year-old residing in Garia, Kolkata, has been living day-to-day with cancer for the past 10 years.

Ms. Neela was suffering from pain in her armpit along with swollen lymph nodes, and a great deal of fatigue for a while. So she chose to consult her doctor for the persistent nature of the symptoms. After a series of health examinations that followed, she was first diagnosed with cancer in the year 2016. The doctor confirmed her malignancy, citing her biopsy reports. Her fate was not kind to her; she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer Stage 3.

We do notice that people always have several questions about what it is like adjusting to cancer? How does cancer affect daily life? To answer your question, we would first like to mention that stage 3 cancer refers to a spread of the same to the nearby parts of the affected area. Ms. Neela thus had to not only undergo surgery but also undergo chemotherapy as part of her treatment.

According to Ms. Neela, the cancer survivor, apart from a certain degree of fatigue every now and then, and some post-infusion eating disorders that persist for about a week after the chemotherapy, she has no other major trouble coping with her condition.

Needless to mention that life after chemo comes with certain restrictions. For a better quality of life, one should follow a daily routine for cancer patients. Ms. Neela was rather diligent in abiding by the rules, with the assistance of TriBeCa, which provided optimum Home-Health Care. After her most recent chemotherapy session, her family reached out to TriBeCa.

Our hardworking, affectionate nurses and attendants not only ensured timely follow-ups, and looked after her diet, nutrient intake, or dietary supplements, but as she narrates herself, they emanated positivity, making her heart happy. Every patient is in great need of emotional support, and it only helps them heal further.

Ms. Neela, as a cancer survivor, is doing as fine as she can today. Of course, life is not exactly like before for her. It was not an easy journey with cancer that had spread. But she is managing to do well for quite some time now. She made it back to her regular life, and that too with a big smile on her face. Fighters like her are rare to find! We sincerely wish (and work to ensure) that she overcomes all obstacles in the future as well, and enjoys a hassle-free, and long life.

TriBeCa’s skilled team of professionals who deal with post-hospitalization care remains ready to ensure that they can cater to any need of the patient that may arise. We are here to remind them that they are absolutely not alone in their difficult fight.  We value you and your family and hope for your well-being. If you have any further queries, feel free to reach us. Call us at + 913366064208 or request a callback. Email us at