Revolution in Digital Health: The Multi-functional Health Monitor

The year 2020 saw a recognizable danger in the form of COVID-19. While the onset of the disease has made people rethink health priorities, it has also given medical institutes all around the world, a to change the dynamics.

The future of healthcare is here! Yes, we are talking about none other than digital health. While the concept of digital health is quite simple, its growing impact has brought a revolution in the medical sector.

This first step toward a positive change has brought forth the concept of Digital Health into the picture. Although the concept includes the incorporation of technology to improve wellness; many gadgets are now being promoted as the face of digital healthcare. A prime among them is a multi-functional health monitor.

Amidst the pandemic, it is of utmost importance that we closely monitor the health and vitals of our elderly family members more often and understand the trends. Through trained caregivers and technology, TriBeCa Care is bringing valuable and much-needed services to the elderly population in the city.

Our new multi-functional health monitor helps us monitor ECG along with 6 other vitals, including – Blood Pressure, Oxygen Saturation Levels, Body Temperature, Blood Glucose, Pulse Rate, and Respiratory Rate – with high accuracy and in a very cost-effective manner.

What is a multi-functional health monitor?

The multi-functional health monitoring system is the country’s first portable medical device. The device measures ECG remotely along with 6 other vitals through self-administered tests and seamlessly transmits the readings to your smartphone.

All the test results e are stored in the cloud that helps doctors to view the readings remotely. It means that the reports can be accessed on any smartphone without any hassles.

The score generated by the readings called Rothman’s is at the forefront of predictive analytics in healthcare. The Rothman’s Index generates a regularly updated health score synthesizing routine vital signs. The Index simplifies the tracking of patient progress and detects subtle declines in health.  This allows for earlier interventions and a summarized understanding of a whole unit.

How does the device work?

This device is embedded with non-evasive sensors to measure ECG in just 1 minute. The RRI min. and RRI max. readings are recorded by an App in the smartphone. Hence, the device is of utmost importance to seniors especially those with comorbidities like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and others.

The system also involves a mobile app or a web browser. If for any reason an individual feels the symptoms of viral infection then he/she can get enrolled in the nearest hospital or is availing of home care services.

Along with the vitals, patients’ locations are updated on the cloud using the mobile or an integral GSM SIM card. If by any chance the health parameters cross the threshold then medical officers will be immediately alerted. The app is also devised in a way that shows the severity of a patient’s condition using color codes.

How this device aims to change the future of telehealth?

The year 2020 did not exactly start with a bang. A pandemic named COVID-19 marked its footsteps first in China and then slowly spread across the world. The onset of the disease led to many changes in the way we lead life.

While masks became a permanent companion of people, social distancing norms and self-isolation also made their mark. However, during the critical period, many people became prey to the epidemic.


Why the multi-functional health monitor is a requirement for the telehealth sector today?

Today the major requirement for any health institute is contactless service. The multi-functional monitor functions perfectly in that area and thus can address the key issues of the industry. The device can easily cater to the following:

  • Solve home healthcare problems.
  • Help patients get medical consultations easily on regular basis.
  • Address the shortage of skilled medical workers.
  • Monitor and check hundreds of patients.
  • Contactless supervision curbs infection risks.
  • Cloud technology will help doctors with easy remote health monitoring.
  • Will maximize the home visit to 20-25 people per day.
  • Provide a single-window view into patient records with the easy transition of data.
  • The app checks ECG, blood pressure, blood glucose, body temperature, blood oxygen, and respiratory rate.
  • Uses Rothman’sIndex to provide insight into health.


Healthcare has taken new turns with the birth of the epidemic scenario. One of the most affected demographics of the population is seniors. The introduction of a multi-functional monitor will not only help seniors check their vitals easily but also prevent the risk of information in this scenario.

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