What to Expect from Post-Hospitalization Home Care Experts?

For anyone who has undergone a long hospital stay or any critical surgery, post-hospitalization care is necessary. It is necessary to monitor the condition of the patient after their hospital stay. It is due to several reasons that it is better to consider home care instead of prolonging the hospital bills. Specialized post-discharge care is needed for patients who have undergone major surgery or suffering from a critical ailment.

Home care experts are expected to deliver the best critical care to the patient and help them recover physically and mentally. They help the patients not just resume their old life but also cope with the post-hospital blues. Staying in the hospital for a long time increases the risk of infections and diseases. So it is best to transfer the patient home with a critical care home set-up so that they can be happy around their friends and family while getting better.

Home health care- what is that?

Healthcare services provided to a patient at their home are known as Home healthcare. It can be availed when you need to take care of a patient or an elderly person at home or after their hospital stay until they recover fully.

  1. It is beneficial in multiple ways- saving finances for instance. Home care services cost much less than hospitals.
  2. They ensure that the best of care for the patient is taken making the patient self-sufficient and self-aware. Home health care also makes sure that the patient can cope up and live with a new reality as actively as possible.
  3. They facilitate the patients with skilled nursing, rehabilitation processes, and assistance in maintaining their daily personal activities.
What are the deliverables of home care experts?
  • Depending upon the requirements of the patient and the suggestions of the doctor, home care experts can be with the patient full-time or part-time.
  • The experts carry out rehabilitation and physiotherapy processes.
  • They take care of the recovery methods like speech therapy and vital functional exercises.
  • It is the purpose to communicate with the patient, doctor, and patient’s family regarding the medical progress of the patient.
  • Experts carry out a proper plan regarding the patient’s medical mapping.
  • They maintain the hygiene and sterility of the area of home care setup.
  • The experts take care of the personal activities of the patient too as per their condition, like toileting, bathing, dressing, etc.
What happens during his first home visit?

During the first visit, the nurse, medical experts, or therapist will collect basic information about the patient’s medical history. Keep the following documents handy and discuss the following matters:

  • Payment processes and details along with the family member undersigning the approval.
  • Produce the documents of hospital discharge and doctor’s prescription.
  • Decide upon the plan of care, the frequency of visits, and the intensity of care.
  • Arrangement of medicines keeping in mind the patient’s prescription and side effects of the drugs.
  • They suggest and discuss the medical mapping of the patient with the family members and the patient.
  •  They also talk regarding the consequences of availing of critical care from healthcare experts.
  • Mutual parties share the communication methods and contact details.
What to expect from the next visits?

The average duration of a visit is an hour. The following activities follow:

  • Check the patient’s blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and breathing.
  • Check if the medicines are timely taken or given by the caretaker.
  • They build and follow an exercise/therapy plan to fasten the recovery.
  • They teach the patient to control the symptoms of the patient’s ailments or relapses.

It is important to find out which home care health facility would best suit you. Consult multiple facilities before confirming with a healthcare plan. In the case of insurances, most companies cover critical home care expenses but make sure to update them before availing of the facilities.

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