Wheelchair For Seniors

Enhancing Senior Mobility: A Guide to Choosing the Right Wheelchair for Seniors

Mobility aids have become very common these days. Blessed with state-of-art assistive technology and utility, the main purpose of these is freedom of movement. But why is having a wheelchair important for seniors? Most of the time it is seen that older adults fall prey to incapability that leads to movement failures and other issues.

In this guide below we will see how wheelchairs assist seniors in maneuvering independently.

What To See When Choosing A Wheelchair For Seniors?

It is very important to contemplate a few things before buying mobility aids for seniors. Some of the common parameters to check are:

  • Ease of movement in confined spaces.
  • Chairs that are portable, lightweight, and comfortable.
  • Blessed with energy-saving features.

Why Seniors Need Wheelchairs?

There is a high chance that seniors might fall prey to the social fear of incapability if their movement is restricted. In this type of delirious scenario, wheelchairs boost mobility by:

  • Boosting their social hours.
  • Improving their confidence.
  • Makes them self-dependent.
  • Increases their involvement in family gatherings.
  • Cuts down the risk of infections.

What Are The Types of Wheelchairs Available Today?

With the advent of technology, wheelchairs also saw a gradual upgrade. Today, based on the convenience, comfort, and shifting of users there are two categories available. They are:

  • Manual Wheelchairs.
  • Powered Wheelchairs.
  1. Manual Wheelchairs:

The manual wheelchairs as the name suggest are devoid of any power functions. The user has to move it by using upper limbs or by assistance. Manual wheelchairs are further classified as:

  • Standing Manual Wheelchairs.
  • Heavy-duty manual wheelchair.
  • Folding frame ultralight manual wheelchair.
  1. Powered Wheel Chairs:

Powered wheelchairs are one of the common mobility aids seen nowadays. The rise in their popularity is due to the battery-fitted motors that make these best for indoor and outdoor use. Apart from that powered wheelchairs help in the following:

  • Ease of maneuverability.
  • Energy conservation.
  • Speed, comfort, and stability from long-standing hours.

Powered Wheelchairs are further classified based on the location of the drive system.

  • Front-wheel drive.
  • Mid-wheel drive.
  • Rear-wheel drive.

What To Consider When Buying Wheelchairs?

As with any other thing, wheelchairs also depend on a variety of factors. These include needs, lifestyle, and the condition we are addressing. To help seniors find the best wheelchairs, here are a set of parameters to consider:

  • Always consider the body measurements and choose a wheelchair that suits your requirements well.
  • Make sure to take the body weight into account and then settle for a bariatric or a heavy-duty metal chair.
  • Check your usage as well. If you will use the chair frequently then a heavy-duty chair shall suffice your needs. Other than that if you are a part-time user then a manual chair is what you shall need.

Every wheelchair you purchase acts as an extension of your body. Thus, make sure it serves you well and boosts your overall health positively.

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