Fall risks in the elderly

It was 6AM in the morning. Suddenly the door bell rang. It was not a normal mundane ringing. There was some kind of chaos going on outside. Opening the door revealed my grandmother standing with blood all over her face and people from the locality holding her hand. One of the women from the crowd informed that she collapsed in the middle of the road. That was the beginning of what was coming. After a year she was totally bed ridden. Then after a couple of years it was when I saw her for the last time.

Our country is rated second in world population. The percentage of senior people (60 and above) in our country is around 8% of the total population. Out of that 8%, which is about 77 million people, 51.5% of people have fallen and incurred severe damage.

Under these circumstances, it has to be us who can take the measures that can lower senior falls. First of all, look out for any kind of symptoms that can lead to falls such as vision problems, hallucination, weakening bones, joint pains, issues with balance. Presence of any of these symptoms can lead to senior fall risk. The Following measures can reduce fall risk:

1. Taking care of any kind of medical condition that is already present.
2. Avoiding any medication with side effect that can lead to fall.
3. Taking extra care of elders who already suffered injuries which lead to lower body weakness, vision disorder, and loss of limbs.
4. Having a thorough full body checkup every year.
5. Appointing a home assistance for your elder family member.
6. Installing CCTV to keep an eye on your elder’s well being.
7. Getting proper lighting in your house.

Despite of these measures, what will you do if your elder loved one falls?

First of all, do not panic. Call of an expert or medical assistance if he or she cannot get up on his or her own. Apply first aid if there is any cut or bruises. Be careful with the joints. Take the above mentioned precautions in future.

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They are your loved one and so are they to us.

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