10 Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy

healthy life in old age

It is a universal truth that our body slows down as we age. It is also a fact that our brain slows down with age. Cognitive functions deteriorate and memory loses its sharpness. However, new research shows that brain cells can grow again and new brain connections or synapses can be formed. There are ways to maintain good brain health that have shown results.

1.Exercise is not only good for the body but also for the brain. Physical exercise stimulates blood circulation. Blood vessels that are rich in oxygen are transported to that part of the brain that controls thought.

2.Mental exercise is a good way to keep the brain healthy. It makes the brain dexterous and builds up neurological plasticity. Mental exercise like reading and solving word puzzles or math problems has been known to establish fresh connection between nerve cells.

3.A healthy diet is as important for the mind as it is for the body. Nutritious food nourishes the body and keeps the mind healthy. If your sugar and pressure levels are in check, blood circulation to the brain will automatically be enhanced. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish and unsaturated oils help arrest the impairment of cognitive functions.

4.Learning a foreign language will exercise that part of the brain that controls memory. It is tantamount to muscle training, only for your brain. Dementia can be kept at bay for longer if you are bilingual or multilingual.

5.Learn a new musical instrument. Studies show that people who played a musical instrument, showed improvement in those areas of the brain that control hand movement, hearing and memory.

6.Quit smoking. Tobacco is not only harmful for the body but also for the brain. It affects all the organs in the human body including the brain.

7.Drink alcohol in moderation. Experts assert that the healthy dose of alcohol for women is one drink a day and for men, two.

8.Give the keyboard a rest and pick up a pen. Writing by hand has been known to develop those areas of the brain that help thinking, language and memory. Writing will also help you remember better.

9.Reading is not just a good habit. When we read, we exercise our brain muscles. It helps develop the cognitive part of the brain. Reading for an hour everyday is good exercise for the brain cells.

10.Sleep controls short-term memory. As we sleep, our brain processes all the new information that our brain received during the day. To facilitate this process, our bodies need seven to eight hours of sleep.

All of this applies to people of all ages. However, elderly people need to be more alert about how their brains function. It is important that they take steps to ascertain that they retain their cognitive activities. Most of the things that help retain brain function can be done without help from anyone else. However, socialising activates a big part of the brain. Elderly people should make more of an effort to socialise. For those who do not have anyone to keep them company, TriBeca Care has elder care plans tailored for them. Call us at (033) 40277777 or 8017770323 for more information.

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