6 Ways Of Keeping Memory Sharp In Old Age

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Growing older is mandatory. Changes in our behavior and capacity to remember things also slow down as we age. Becoming forgetful, inability to recall names, sudden mood swings and other behavioural changes appear as we grow older. Memory changes can be depressing. With passing years, signs of dementia may induce a sense of fear of insecurity.

Our brain starts shrinking as we grow old. The structure and the function of our brain start changing as we grow old and inability to remember things may not always be a natural part of aging. Sometimes it may be because of neurological ailment, organic brawl and brain injury.

As per the research, there are different types of strategies that helps in keeping memory sharp.

Keep memory sharp in old age

Here are 6 ways of keeping memory sharp in old age.


    1. Sleep well: A good night sleep is very important for our health. It helps to keep active, fresh and in a good mood throughout the day.


    1. Exercise: Working out is the simplest way of keeping memory sharp and body healthy. Body and mind are interconnected. Perform light exercises regularly in the morning for at least 30 minutes a day. It will definitely help you keep your brain healthy.


    1. Keep learning new things: Reading newspapers, tablets or books daily keeps your brain active. Joining classes for senior citizens with low cost to learn a new language or activity also contributes to brain health. Experts believe that keeping oneself engaged with learning new things may keep memory sharp and strong. Try new hobbies


    1. Listen to Music: Listening to music helps the brain to relax and stay active through the day. It’s linked to improve insight as well as memory functioning.


    1. Don’t stress your brain: If you cannot remember where you have put your glasses, keys or phone, use a designated place at home and start keeping things there, so you don’t have to stress your brain. Use calendars, lists, address book, contact number notepad, files, folders, and planners to keep daily information available all the time.


  1. Eat the right food: Always eat the right kind of diet. Include fruits, vegetables, fish; nuts, milk etc in your daily diet that are helpful in keeping an active brain. Follow a healthy diet.


New therapies and treatments are now available for those suffering from dementia. These help to improve changing behavior and the inability to remember things.

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