4 Reasons why Milk is not good for you | World Milk Day

On World Milk Day, we spread the awareness about the health benefits of milk and how it we should encourage everyone to have at least one glass of milk everyday.

Our mothers always forced us to drink milk by listing down the benefits of it. Saying how it helped us grow and what were the disadvantages of not drinking it.

But is the milk we are consuming today healthy anymore? Is this the complete balanced food that we want our child to have?

Today, milk can be harmful! Shocking, isn’t it?

Let’s know why milk is not good for you anymore.

  1. Packaged milk can be a cause of concern

How safe is packaged milk really? Today, the processes make the milk more acidic and eliminate the vital bacteria and enzymes present in them. Nowadays, milk also contains extras like antibiotics and hormones, which get injected and are automatically transferred onto the packaged carton.

  1. Opt for curd/paneer over milk

 Yes, you heard it right! As bizarre as it may sound initially, but curd or paneer is considered to be better than milk. The toxins that accumulate within the milk get washed away instantly while preparing fresh paneer. Similarly, curd is preferable than milk as it prevents digestive problems, which can be harmful.

  1. Milk can make you lactose intolerant

Lactose is a sugar present within cow’s milk. Your child might find it difficult to digest as it may result in the formation of gas, nausea, bloating, etc. If your kid continues to drink milk, this can become a permanent condition, and your child may become lactose intolerant for the rest of his life. The destruction of lactase by pasteurization heat renders milk nutritionally impotent causing lactose intolerance.

4. Packaged milk has no beneficial bacteria and enzymes

Pasteurization destroys the delicate enzymes, probiotic bacteria, and various energetically-charged nutrients in the milk with high-heat during. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that pasteurization inactivates certain enzymes and reduces a few vitamins like Vitamin C.

 Switching to other sources

Next time you think only milk can provide the calcium required for your child, we suggest you think again. Fruits like figs and dry fruits like almonds also form a rich source of calcium. Almonds contain magnesium, manganese and vitamin E, and is essential for brain development of your child.

Moreover, there’s no doubt that eggs and fish have a higher nutritional value than milk. Apart from some important minerals and essential fatty acids, fish and eggs are rich in Vitamin B and Vitamin B12. It is always ideal to give your child food that is high on protein like eggs or fish instead of forcing them to drink milk.

So, the next time your son refuses to drink milk, do him a favour and let him be. On World Milk Day, we suggest you opt for other natural alternatives that are available and are much better than packaged milk.

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