5 Games for Good Mental Health in Seniors

Exercising the mind to keep it fit is as important as maintaining physical fitness in the second innings of life. Not many of us acknowledge this fact but our brain plays a vital role in keeping us happy. And to ensure that the brain works in its full glory, the mind needs to be challenged every day.

Thankfully, challenging the brain with the gaming options available today turns out to be a convenient option for the elderly. Therefore, to add several good more brain years to life here are 5 games, which can be played by older adults.

1. Solitaire:

The classic card game is one of the best to give your brain a rigorous workout. Easy to play, the online version is devoid of frills, ad-on, and can be played independently. What makes the game a quick favourite is it not only sharpens your memory but helps your brain notice patterns easily.

2. Checkers:

This is yet another game that everyone has played before. Comparatively less strategic than chess, the online game still makes you think ahead and then plan a move. Apart from that what makes Checkers a winner is its convenience. Elders who require a boost in their mental health can easily opt for this game. And to top it all you can even play it with a colleague or family member.

3. Daily Word Search:

This is an online web-based version of the classic word search. One of the best options for both amateurs and pros, the game is completely free which makes it a delight to play. Other than that each day a new word search is introduced on the site and there are three difficulty levels to choose from. A classic way of keeping your mental health intact, this game will also help the elderly to know new words.

4. Sharpbrains:

As the name suggests this game is meant to sharpen the memory. A unique and interesting way of boosting mental health, the online game comprises brain teasers and games. A great resource for exercising the brain, there are illusions, riddles, tasks which keep your mind active. For all those looking for a way to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, this particular game can help in every way. Also, the site is easily navigable making it easy for older adults to find their way.

5. Daily Crossword:

It is another preeminent game that helps test your knowledge and recall ability. Easy to access, the online version comes up with a new crossword to solve every day. This along with the option of browsing through previous crossword puzzles makes the game interesting and suitable for old people.

Keeping the mind fit and active in advancing years is crucial. Brain training also leads to maximum benefits and positive impacts in older people and curbs the risk of disease. Thus, to mitigate the negative effects of ageing, challenge the mind with the games above, and stay mentally fit!

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