7 Secret tips to stay young at 50

“Ageing is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength” – Betty Friedan

Staying young is not a gift but a secret. Do you prefer to stay young at 50? If yes then you need to fix the little glitches in your daily lives to make ourselves youthful both mentally and physically. The fountain of youth can only be restored by accepting a healthy lifestyle.

Seven secret healthy lifestyle regimes can help you to stay young at 50.

1. Bite a superfood

A superfood is generally a food item that has more health-related benefits than others do. Superfoods are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They will aid you to fight against ageing, health deficiencies, and even cancer. Top seven super are raw nuts, berries, salmon, beans, broccoli, quinoa, and green tea.

2. Avoid the white poison

In our daily routine, we consume food items that are harmful for our health. They have long-term effects on our health that we tend to ignore. Foods like Refined Sugar, Refined Salt, White Rice and Refined Flour (maida) can increase the risk of cancer, hypertension, bone health issues, diabetes, obesity, gastrointestinal problems and many others.

3. Get enough sleep

good sleep boosts your immunity and prevents mood disorder and depression. A nap during daytime is as good. It is found that a nap can boost your memory, improves performance at work, lifts up mood, and eases stress.

4. Get off the couch

Involve yourself into some physical activities; hit the gym or yoga studio. Healthy exercise can restore your muscle loss and flexibility in a significant way. Make a realistic plan for your gym or yoga under a professional trainer who can guide you best. A regular 30 minutes of exercise or yoga can decrease the risk of muscle tissue, joint pain, depression, heart disease, and others.

5. Wear the right shoe

Only a few of us take their foot health seriously. Uncomfortable and ill-fitted shoes and sandals can alleviate your foot problems. They affect body movement and gait, which in turn affects your back, ankles, knees and hip. Buy your shoes wisely. Right shoes maintain a proper foot health and improve posture and movement of body.

6. Start reading

A good reading habit can keep you away from ageing. Reading can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia, improves decision-making skills, improves memory and helps you sleep better. A healthy mind is a young mind after all!

7. Take a break

Taking a break from your daily routine can be fruitful to your health. A break can increase your mindfulness, releases stress, boosts your memory and keeps your brain from ageing. Plan your weekends, go for a short trip whenever possible, meet old friends, attend parties and live your life to the fullest.

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