8 ways to Celebrate a Safe and Eco-friendly Holi

Holi is the festivals of vibrant colours where water balloons, gulal, and pichkaris have a major role to play on. Holi isn’t just about splashing hues; the celebration of colours is additionally about adoration, satisfaction, bliss, and care.

Holi is a celebration of merriment and togetherness that makes it so significant in our lives. Don’t hold yourself back and enjoy this colourful festival to the hilt and participate with full enthusiasm in every small tradition related to the festival.

However, playing a safe and eco-friendly Holi makes it worth to cherish the reasons for its celebration.
It is our responsibility to take note of the importance of our environment around us. We should stop the abuse of nature by playing Holi in an eco-friendly way.

Today, we give you 8 ways to celebrate Holi in an eco-friendly way and simultaneously to celebrate it to the fullest:

1. Protect yourself from harmful colour

The unsafe and dangerous the utilization of chemical-based colours cause incalculable issues, from rashes to lasting visual impairment. They break up in water and saturate in the soil, causing long haul damage to the regular resources. Apply a generous amount of cream or lotion on your face and skin exposed. Nourish your hair with oil and tie them up properly.

2. Play Holi with natural colours

You can make your very own colours with ordinary fixings in your kitchen. Use turmeric, sandalwood, more full’s earth, henna, and so on. A portion of these things will really improve your skin. If you need to make the water more pigmented, use beetroot for its rose-pink shading.

3. Don’t drink and eat against your own capacity

Holi is imperfect without the consumption of Thandai and gujiyas, right? Simply ensure that you drink it and not spill it on others for entertainment only. Squandering of food and water is unethical. Find a way to celebrate a safe and eco-friendly Holi and make this colourful celebration with your loved ones a memorable one.

4. A big no-no to plastic bags and balloons

Many people in our society have a tendency of tossing water balloons and little plastic bags on one another. This as a whole makes contamination to our precious environment. Hitting each other with plastic sacks and water balloons amid Holi can make hurt some outer organs. You are also advisable likewise prevent other individuals from doing this.

5. Opt for tilak Holi

Discard the adage way and enjoy calm Holi playing. Switch on to basic ‘Tilak Holi’ where you celebrate by applying an imprint (tilak) on the forehead of everybody who comes and welcome you. Along these lines, everybody in the family might want to be the part of this colourful celebration, not terrified of the brutal messy colours.

6. Play Holi with flowers

Considering the way that Holi is imperfect without colours, playing it with different types of flowers is the best alternative. It is the best option for those chemical-based colours available in the market and protects you from them. When you are finished with your Holi celebration gather these flowers and dump it around trees, which after a particular term disintegrate in the soil as manure.

7. Don’t play with irrelevant products

Abstain from utilizing unimportant and hazardous items like oil paints, oil, mud, and other concoction-based items amid Holi. Such items can make wellbeing perils and furthermore pollute nature. It is hard to expel colours containing such items when connected on the skin. Ensure that you additionally prevent others from utilizing such destructive colours.

8. Use water wisely

Tossing water on outsiders has no meaning to it. It is only the wastage of something that is restricted. Thus, this year use water wisely in celebrating Holi with your near and dear ones.

So get out of houses and celebrate the festival of colours with no harm to yourself and the nature.

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