9 Amazing Benefits of Meditation on your Mind

While your body may benefit from all the movement you do, your mind benefits from stillness. Mindfulness meditation is the only way forward. There are amazing benefits of meditation by which you can achieve the sense of calm that your mind truly deserves.

The deep connection between mind and meditation has been there for the longest time. But we haven’t paid much attention to the benefits of meditation on the brain, up until today. The hustle and bustle of our stressful life have stopped us and made us introspect. Here are some amazing benefits of meditation that can change your mind.

1. Reduces anxiety levels

Research reveals that even a basic 8-week meditation course can reduce stress. Mindfulness meditation causes positive stimulation in the brain regions that are associated with self-referential thoughts.

2. Enhances your focus and concentration

It is said that the focus of a goldfish is 9 seconds, whereas humans lose focus after 8 seconds. With the numerous distractions all around us, our mind has problems concentrating on one specific thing. Thus, meditating can help improve your focus levels.

3. Makes you more creative

With the help of meditation, you can never be short of inspiration. Meditation awakens the senses that ignite your creative genes. If you look closely, creative geniuses like David Lynch, Marina Abramovic, and Yoko Ono practice meditation as a daily routine.

4. Helps you overcome addiction

Addiction is one such thing that’s difficult to get rid of. But meditation can help you with this. Vipassana meditation is considered to be incredibly effective in helping people overcome bigger addictions.

5. Strengthen your immune system

Types of meditation like mindfulness and yoga can boost your immunity system to a great extent. Daily practice of meditation can make you more resilient and resistant to infections and viruses.

6. Improves your relationships

With regular meditation, you can increase your ability to empathize with others. You can understand what the other person feels, and hone your skill of relating to others in a better way.

7. Helps maintain your heart health

Certain researchers claim that mindfulness and transcendental meditation improves cardiovascular health because it reduces the risk of heart disease within people. So, it’s true that only when the mind is calm, the heart is at peace.

8. Preserves the aging brain

A study discovered that people who practice meditation religiously had better-preserved brain matter than individuals who did not meditate at all. It was revealed that people who have been meditating for an average of 20 years have more grey matter volume in their brains.

9. Decreases depression

Mindfulness meditation practices reduce depression, anxiety, and stress for a long time. People who practice meditation are also less likely to develop any depression-like symptoms.  One research also states that mindfulness meditation can be effective in managing depression, the same as antidepressant drug therapy.

You don’t need reasons to practice something as good as meditation. But if you’re still looking for reasons to get on to the mindfulness meditation bandwagon. We have given you the benefits of meditation. So, make your mind healthier and happier. Start meditating today!

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