Finding A New Hobby ?

Aging is a natural process that affects one and all! Most of the time, children fail to fully recognize the extent of aging and how it will affect them or their parents. As the mental and physical vitality starts to decrease, emotional well-being and appearance also start to change. It is usually seen that parents start to feel lonelier, and they gradually start getting more and more frantic about every situation. These changes are quite natural but also should be paid attention to.

Club TriBeCa is an exclusive membership program that helps senior citizens to enjoy life to the fullest. With their recreational activities, social events, workshops, and get-together, it is easy to let boredom slide out of your life. The club offers a lot of recreational programs to make the elders enjoy life after the retirement, some which are as follows:

1.Travel: Traveling helps people to get a new perspective on life by choosing the road not taken. At Club TriBeCa, there are various tours organized for the senior people to let them get away from the monotony of their regular clichéd life. Seniors, for sure, will love going on trips organized by the club as they can get the company of like-minded people and the benefit of a senior-friendly tour. Also, the program organizes various tours like a pilgrimage trip, international, and adventure trips that will help the seniors get a new lease of life. And to top it all, the program arranges the tours at discountable prices and pays close attention to all the arrangements like hotels, visas, and guides.

2. Events: It is never too late to learn a new thing in life, and this statement hugely corroborates with the list of events organized by Club TriBeCa. Be it picnics, theatre, talks, concerts, or chai-adda sessions; each one will help parents feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Moreover, they will also get to learn something new and might even discover a hidden hobby.

3. Workshops: The workshops organized at Club TriBeCa is a huge departure from the regular ones. All the sessions conducted at the club have been tailored out to meet new interests or old hobbies. Starting from dancing, pottery, photography, or theatre, each workshop will keep you involved and engaged for days to come.

These points mentioned above will help the seniors to be active, creative, and more appreciative of the new phase in their life. Feeling confident and positive is the only focus that the club wants its members to have. With such a great deal of support from your side, you can proudly say that age is just a number.

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