Mrs Kar’s Puja Barshikis

Mrs. Kar always says, “In my childhood, Durga Puja meant many Bengali Puja Barshikis, the fragrance, the weather, and different faces of the goddess Durga showing grace and power….”

This week when I visited her with her this year’s Puja Barshiki, I remember the smile and the tears on her face to see the surprise. She hugged me and said, “This is the best puja gift. You’re my Durga with 10 arms. You are protecting me from my heart disease with the several treatment procedures, taking responsibility for the absence of my daughter, and caring for me at the same time like your own parents in every aspect…”

Mrs. Bakshi in her advanced stages of Dementia wanted me to search for the meaning of ‘Nilima’, mentioned in the story I was reading out to her. I replied, “Nilima is not any ordinary blue, it is Celestial Blue.”

Since then she used to call me Nilima. Even on her last day when someone said that Nilima has come, we could immediately feel the changes in her movement even on her deathbed.

Still, today, wherever I see Durga and the pandal with the celestial blue color theme, I remember Mrs. Bakshi’s face – “her search for her own identity, kindness, helplessness, and sorrow.”

Mrs. Ghosh’s biggest fear was any medical emergency, especially during Pujas. How will she handle her husband, Mr. Ghosh, as she is totally paralyzed due to Arthritis? She always says, “You are an angel of God”. These days, I am trying to teach her how to use the 24/7 emergency device to call during emergencies.

When did I ask her yesterday what she wants from Maa Durga this year to bless you with? She replied, “I wish my husband and I live along with you as my daughter.” Because you protect us just like Maa Durga protects everyone from any evil.

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