Pottery Workshop

Pottery Workshop with Senior Members

Here is a Glimpse of TriBeCa Care organized pottery workshop with senior members

TriBeCa Care has recently organized a unique pottery workshop on 11th January of this year. The workshop was focused on giving seniors the opportunity to follow their passion and relive their dreams. This event created joyful and many happy faces.

Twenty senior members of TriBeCa have taken a trip to learn pottery from a renowned pottery artist in Kolkata. She taught the members how to make pottery like glasses, trays, and wheels. Every member was curious to learn the art. The members have successfully achieved art in a passionate way. The whole workshop exclusively centered on raising their emotional well-being, alleviating loneliness, and empowering them towards a healthy way of living.

Members of TriBeCa was feeling comfortable with her teaching style.

In the studio of pottery, the members attempted to make unique items. It was like shaping their dreams on clay. The environment was busting with happiness and joy.

The members have learned many types of pottery. Members have learned earthenware pottery and clay pottery.

They fell in love with the earthy aroma with pure joy on their faces. It is said that pottery empowers for upgrades in-stream and immediacy, gives an outlet to despondency, and causes you with self-distinguishing proof and self-articulation, supporting certainty and confidence.

The members also learned how the pots are burnt for further processing and daily use. The furnace and the process of burning the pots were explained to them which left them amused. The pots made are used as tools for cooking, serving, and packing food and ceramic was an avenue of artistic appearance. Primeval potters fashioned and ornamented their pots in a variability of ways. Pottery is the root of human development.

The whole environment was positive and emotional because pottery can penetrate your heart when you touch the clay. TriBeCa Care teams suggest to the art of pottery is oftentimes described as therapeutic and relaxing to the mind and inner soul. The members have worked hard and gained peace and joy in the workshop.

The bunch of happy faces proved that even a 2-hour pottery workshop can bring so much happiness and satisfaction to their lives and encourage them toward a healthy lifestyle.

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