Pros and Cons of Social Media on Human Behaviour and Society

Social media has come to occupy a pivotal role among people’s lives today. It has the innovative capabilities to deliver excellent communication channels and information sharing. Owing to which the world and society seem to have united under its influence. Sharing ideas and collaborating with people all across the world has impacted human behaviour more than ever.

Let us dive deeper into the intensity of this impact. How the world today has come to change is important for us to understand.

Here are some arguments favouring the cons of online media:


  • Eliminates face to face interaction between people, shortening their development and limiting their personality.
  • Makes people unhappy and dissatisfied with their life, seeking to live in a similar manner as the people on their social media.
  • Cases of cyber-bullying and abuse by anonymous online users are not unknown. These cases have largely contributed to lowering self-esteem among people and hitting human behaviour.
  • Serves as a platform for spread of negative news and rumours, which earn a mammoth fame in a short span of time, owing to the swift delivery of such content across platforms.
  • Avoiding negative influence of social media on the society has become an impossible task. This is because of the increase in anxiety cases among people are quite severe.

While this side of social media is quite alarming, it does not render the good side completely pointless.



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  • Today, more than ever, social media delivers creative liberty to people. Sharing views and topics of interest has become easier and seamless.
  • Many people, who would earlier feel shy in coming forward with their ideas, are now showcasing their talents without any fear of rejection.
  • Social media has helped people in building connections with long lost peers and people of their community. Moreover, this association has helped them exchange communication and find new avenues for staying connected.
  • It has become easier for people to share and advocate their views, which would often be put down among the crowds, in the absence of social media.
  • Finding jobs and earning a respectable place of employment is one of the best pros of social media.

As far as the impact of social media on human behaviour goes, one might be wrong to underestimate its power. Surely, while it does carry a large bucket of lowdown’s with it, people continue to make use of its strong virtue.

Social media is widely dispersing itself among the crowds, making people aware of its potential and the reach that it offers. For those who do carry the talent to make use of this potential, social media has certainly proved to be a boon, worthy of being celebrated.

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