Senior Get-together with Mrs Banerjee

Get-togethers are always looked upon as an opportunity to make memories and cherish them forever. At TriBeCa, we too understand the importance of a get-together and the joy it brings along. The TriBeCa team is an expert in taking care of the elderly arranged for a day of the senior get-together on the 18th of December, 2019, at Mrs. Nanda Banerjee and Mr. Ranjit Banerjee’s house. Mrs. Banerjee was more than happy being a host to all her guests on a fine winter evening. Starting from a warm cup of tea together during the winter to playing the Housie game, participating in quizzes, and sharing some nostalgic stories with each other, the seniors showed their enthusiasm in all. The housie game moments noticed their dedication to compete and win the game! Mr.Shankar, our 85-year-old guest swept away the winning prize for the Housie game and was delighted at receiving the reward. Moving on to the quiz rounds, we had fierce competition among all the senior guests and everyone gave their complete participation making it more fun. Mrs. Debjani Roy won the first prize in the quiz competition arranged by the Tribeca team. The blissful winter evening noticed many stories unfurl and it took the silver folks back in the days.

Tribeca members playing housie game                            Meeting new friends- Tribeca

Our host for the evening, Mrs. Banerjee made her guests feel welcomed throughout the evening and in no time they bonded over their stories and the fun moments. The evening went on with other fun activities and lots of food! The team of TriBeCa care took care of every detail which would have contributed to making the evening a fun one for the silver folks and success for our team. The evening of 18th December 2019 surely left a lot of memories to cherish for everyone that got together. The evening also noticed new friendships being formed.


At TriBeCa care, we always have aimed to make the elders feel extra special and we commit to doing so every time we get the opportunity. For the senior get-together on the winter evening of 18th of December, 2019, our sole purpose was to only gift happiness and joy to the senior members in the house. The look of satisfaction on their faces indeed made our tasks easier and we look forward to taking such initiatives every time we are required to.

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