Loneliness in Old Age

avoid loneliness in old age

Old age is the twilight of life. It can be spent fruitfully, reflecting on the past but not losing touch with the present. In old age, people have the advantage of experience. It is a glorious time when people look back at all their accomplishments and re-evaluate their lives. Unfortunately, for many seniors, old age becomes an anathema. There is not enough support for elderly people in our society. Consequently, they feel lonely and become isolated.

This is the digital age. Everything is accessible at the touch of a finger. We live in a world where gadgets abound. It is easy to stay in touch. Life has become so fast that we do not have time to stop and think. Ignoring to visit an old parent or a grandparent is not something we worry about. However, for the elderly, living life in the digital age is a big challenge.

People growing old become isolated and are easy prey for loneliness. As people grow old, their children grow up and move away. They lose touch with family and friends due to mobility issues. Health becomes a hindrance to movement. The loss of a spouse or people of the same age group affects them psychologically. All of these are factors that lead to loneliness.

Dependence on gadgets and virtual reality is a far cry for most elderly people. The only source of entertainment for them is watching television. However, this is no intellectual fulfilment to talk about. Going to the theatre or to watch a play by themselves is out of the question. Their mobility restricts them from moving around too much. Relatives and friends of their age group cannot visit them for the same reason.

Loss of motor functions is common in old age. Reading becomes difficult due to poor eyesight. All the things that they loved doing, they find themselves unable to do. They suddenly find themselves alone and without occupation. Old, retired people often miss their old jobs and feel that they are no longer useful to their families and society. They lose their position within the family.

Depression is one of the biggest hazards of loneliness in old age. Studies have also shown that dementia sets in early in case of lonely elders. Cognitive abilities decline considerably due to social isolation. Constant social interaction and using of their faculties is the only way to keep dementia and related diseases at bay.

Nowadays, there are support services for the older generation that is prone to loneliness. TribeCa Care provides support for elderly people in Kolkata. Find more information for Elder Care services. Geriatric caregivers offer help and support on appointed days of the week. This support includes emergency services and companionship. It is a great way to care for the elderly who live alone. Our elder care packages are customised to suit the needs of every individual elderly person. Call us at 033 40277777 or 8017770323 for more information.

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